3 Keys To Getting Your Offer Accepted

3 Keys To Getting Your Offer Accepted

There is no doubt that we want to get the best deal we can when buying anything in life. Especially a higher ticket item like an online business right, where we want to shave the cost down as much as possible.

Which may not seem so easy since either the seller or broker can quickly shut down those offers you are putting in leaving you wondering what to do next. Though that is unless you know the subtle art of getting your offer accepted.

In this post I am going to share with you my top the ways to getting your offer accepted when buying an online business. By understanding these and depending on what level you are entering the market, you can save yourself anywhere from $100 up to $10,000.

1. Ask what they want
The first thing you need to do is be completely open and transparent with the seller. There is no point in trying to guess what they are thinking or worse, trying to give them something they do not want. Hence it is important to have a simple conversation with the seller asking them what they actually want from the deal. Meaning a realistic figure on how much they are willing to sell the business for.

2. Be Creative
By asking the seller what it is they are after it gives you a fixed point. Meaning the seller may have expressed how much they want for the business although chances are they didn’t explain how they wanted to receive the funds. Which is where it is your turn to be as creative as possible and work out a way to structure a deal or an offer should I say to present to the seller that is precisely the figure they asked for. But an offer that is set up in a way that you have decreased your risk whilst entering the market and also not having to put all your cash down right away.

3. Give them what they asked for
During phase 2 it is your time to shine and be as creative as possible with how you wish to present your offer and structure the deal. Although there is one pre-requisite you must meet!

That is providing the seller what they asked for, being the price they want. Once you have that it is totally up to you how you structure the deal in a way that best suits you.

There are no right or wrong ways to making offers and the more creative you are the better. So long as I said before, by sticking to the price generally the seller is happy to work with you to come to an agreement so long as they get what they asked for.

If you are to stick to these 3 key principles that I have learnt works through all my experience. You can confidently have your offer accepted whilst still decreasing your risk and making you life easier.

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