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4 MUST KNOW Reasons For Buying An Established Website & NOT Build One

If you are turning to the internet to make money online, first of all congratulations! But if you are anything like me now, you are certainly going to want to fast forward your success and look at buying an established website instead of building one.

Because sure, you can quite simply start a business on the net for free basically. However we all know nothing is free right. There is always a catch, and what is the catch in this case?

Please read on my dear friends and see…

  1. Start Ups have a 90% failure rate

As an entrepreneur we are faced with some very bleak news, and to be honest I don’t really think that the word ‘very; can even explain how tough it really is when starting businesses. So I will say success in any start up is EXTREMELY tough and that is according to fact as just 9 out of 10 start ups fail, period!

That is a whopping 90%

But lets put that into perspective. For example, think of 10 people you know either friends or family, and say for example each of you were to start up your very own website business in your own field. And you think, ok great we are all going to start killing it and making bank. But the facts tell us otherwise.

What the facts tell us is that between the 10 people you thought of who could start their own business, 1 of you will survive. And that is the essential reason buying an established website is a FAR wiser decision.

  1. Save your Time, Money & Energy

Now this point links in with the fact that 90% of business fail. And now that you know that undesirable news, would you be willing to not only risk you time and energy but also your money?

I see a lot of people make the great mistake of building a web businesses instead of buying an established website. Which is just heart breaking to watch. Because those people (on the 90%) loose not only their money but something that is even more special than that. Their time.

Now you can always earn more money right, but you can’t earn more time. And it’s a vicious thing to start a website business and spend so much time on it when you are not earning much money from it, if any at all.

buying an established website

Which I know this from my own experience, and although I was earning some money, I had invested so much time into that website that I found it really tough to let it go and put it behind me. But when I did, it was the best thing I ever did, because I then turned to buying an established website and it changed my life!

  1. Instant Returns

So when I finally decided to cut ties with spending all my time on a website that wasn’t really helping me achieve my goals.  I realized that buying an established website earning money would provide me with money as soon as I put it down to invest.

And as I invested in each website I bought, I would be graced with instant returns. No sorry, spectacular returns at that! But that is another story for another time.

  1. It’s easier to buy an authority than build it

Building something from nothing is tough, and I mean real tough. It takes a lot of time, hard work, blood, sweat, tears, dedication and all that fun stuff you need to sacrifice. So why should we do that when we don’t have to?

There are people out there buying established websites (like me), that other people have put their own blood, sweat and tears into so you don’t have too. To me it was a no brainier. That is, once I finally had my light bulb moment to invest in online businesses instead of wasting my own time, money and energy.

And the awesome thing is you can do the same, it really isn’t as tough as it appears to be, which is good because as an average Joe myself I would have battled to get to where I am today if it were hard.

So don’t underestimate yourself when it comes buying an established website, anything that can better your life is worth learning.

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