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4 Websites Deal Killers You Need To Avoid!

Finding a great website to buy is not the easiest of tasks. On top of that there are many types of website deal killers that can prevent the seller from even choosing to sell the website to you.

Knowing these 4 website deal killers will help you to avoid them and be seen by the the seller as the preferred buyer. Becoming and staying the preferred buyer does take work and there are many things you can do to ensure you are a great buyer. However to begin with you first want to know what these website deal killers are so you don’t fall to the bottom of the bunch where you have no hope of purchasing the website you have been hunting down for so long.

1. Communication
When the seller is trying to sell their website they don’t want to be waiting around for replies from buyers. As a buyer you need to be on top of your emails and messages when communicating with the seller.

By leaving long gaps between communication and replying to emails a few days later this can slow the whole buying process down a lot. This is one of those website deal killers you need to avoid as the seller is essential trying to sell their website as soon as they can.

When you are late to the show in terms of replying and keeping up good communication skills, the seller is only going to move on to another buyer where you will be left out of the whole situation. So be sure to reply to your emails and check them every single day when you are going through a website deal.

4. Breaking The NDA
This is a big No No! When you sign an NDA you must always stick within the rules of the NDA. That means first reading the NDA before you sign it and then complying to the agreement.

Quite often buyers do contact the sellers directly and not through the broker which is one of the worst website deal killers ever. That is not just because you broke the NDA and contacted the seller directly. But because if you do this once, the broker will right away put a big black mark against your name where you will find it hard to purchase a website through that broker in the future.

Contacting the seller directly when using a broker is bad news, even if it is for more information about the website. Keeping within the NDA you signed must be adhered to in order to be among the preferred sellers and to keep your name in the good books for future investments.

3. Last Minute Deal Term Changes
When all the due diligence is done and the deal is ready to be completed, you want to avoid trying to change the terms of the deal at the very last minute. A lot of buyers believe that once they have done all their research they know the business well enough to be confident in getting a better deal out of the seller even if an offer has been accepted.

Another one of these website deal killers you need to avoid, since when a buyer tries to change the deal at the last minute, it’s like slapping the seller right in the face. If this happens it doesn’t take much for the seller to just kick the buyer to the curb and directly sell to another buyer they already have lined up.

When buying websites it is always best to play by the rules, especially when a broker is involved to as you can really make things harder for yourself when trying to purchase another website in the future.

4. Seller Prefers Another Buyer
This can and often does happen on smaller listings which don’t take as long to perform due diligence and finalize the deal a lot quicker. It generally happens because one of the above or more things have been breached and deter the seller from wanting to go through the deal with that buyer.

Which essentially is understandable, because as a seller why would you not choose to sell the website to a the best buyer when you know you can get the same price for the business between either? So don’t be a bad buyer and play fair.

These website deal killers are things you should not just know but understand by practicing good behavior in order to become a good buyer. When playing fair and being on your gam, you can almost always be the buyer of choice. But breaking the NDA, changing last minute deal terms, being slow and dragging the deal out whether that be through communication or whatever. It’s only going to force the sellers and brokers to shut you out.

Don’t be that type of website buyer, be humble, respective and on your game.

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