investing in websites is smart

5 Reasons Investing In Websites Is Smart

As a rookie to the game of online entrepreneurialism I really had a lot to learn, and unfortunately one of the first things I didn’t learn early on was that investing in websites is smart.

As a matter of fact, not only did I not know investing in websites is smart. But I didn’t even know investing in websites even existed at all. I was completely un-aware that these smart people had figure out a way that they could actually buy online businesses and put themselves in a position get a monthly income from a website.

Eventually after many struggles, failures but most importantly lessons learnt. I realized that investing in websites is smart because it was a way you could skip the 90% failure rate as a start up and go straight to the good bit of owning a business that pays you an income as soon as you put your money down to invest.

So through my journey here are 5 Reasons I have found investing in websites is smart.

Low Risk
There is no doubt that investing in websites is smart when you know there is minimal risk as apposed to investing in many other things like the stock market or the property market. The reason investing in websites is low risk, is because you start to make your return one investment (ROI) back right away. For example, as soon as you buy the business you are the one who starts earning the monthly income and gaining your ROI back.

When investing in other markets, it can take you a long time to get your money back, where I am talking many months into years and years even. Sure you may get it all back in one lump sum when you sell. Although with an online business you get money back not just every single month, but if or when you are to sell the business later down the track. Another way to minimize risk is even further is by building the business/investment up so you earn more per month and when/if you sell it onwards you can sell it for more!

Minimal Overhead
Unlike investing your time and money into your own start up business, which is at risk the 90% failure rate of all start ups. When investing in an already established website business your overheads are very minimal. All the work had been done in setting up the business, you may need to pay for Cost Of Goods, a little for marketing the business and hosting. However that is basically it really!

You don’t need to pay rent because the business does not need a physical location. If you are to hire help for your website with maintenance or building it up, employing people is very cheap when you outsource the work over the internet.

Last but not least, you too aren’t subject to hiring a lot of people when most of the work for the website to run smoothly can be automated, meaning room for scalability of the business is abundant too.


One of my all time favorite reasons I think investing in websites is smart, is due to the fact you have not just got time independence where you don’t need to be tied down working for many hours. But you too have location independence, meaning you can run your business from anywhere in the world!

All you need to do is pick up an internet connecting and you are in business, literally. As a matter of fact if I need to work, just by going into any café or building and picking up their Wi-Fi, I can flick a few emails and my work is done. That’s how easy it can be to run online businesses and that is why I want to share with as many people as possible that this lifestyle can be enjoyed by just about anyone.


If you are not adaptable in this day and age you really are at liberty to becoming left behind. Which is why I believe buying websites is smart in the fact that when the market changes you can quickly and easily change with it too. As apposed to being in a bricks and mortar business where it is not as easy to adapt to everything so quickly and changing your approach on business is not only timely but expensive.

Owing online businesses really allows you to be flexible with everything you do in your business and your life. For example when a new type of marketing opens up through a different social media channel you can be on the forefront of it.

Or if everyone in your industry/niche is approaching the market differently or providing a better service, you can adapt so much more easily. By hiring the help you need at the exchange of a few quick emails. Things can change really fast online and by being on top if these things as a business owner you can move with it rapidly too.


Never keep all your eggs in one basket right. We all know this saying well and it rings true to be a wise rule to follow. By switching it up and investing in websites is smart because your capital is not at the mercy of just one market.

For example, if you were to only invest in the stock market, property market or commodities without spreading out your wealth to other markets. If just that market you are solely investing in took a major dive or even a slight dive all your capital is at liberty to decrease.

Where as by diversifying you can hedge a little bit and when one market moves down, one of the others may move up and is the casual case with many markets. Thus making it smart to diversify and consider buying websites for passive income as one of those investments. Plus if you see great returns which you would when learning more about investing in websites. You can always add more money to the market that is doing well for your portfolio at that certain time.


I hope you learnt why investing in websites is smart, and if you have any questions or would like to add to the post please be sure to leave a comment below.

Or if you would like to learn more about investing in websites, be sure to grab yourself a copy of my Free Report On 6 Exclusive Secrets To Buying Websites For Passive Income.


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