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5 Tips For Buying Websites And Travelling The World

Buying websites and travelling the world at the same time is not always the easiest lifestyle just as most perceive it to be. Sure whilst you can live the high life of visiting tropical places, hiking beautiful mountain ranges and surfing from country to country (that’s what I live for). You still need to find food, water and shelter every time you move along. Oh and Internet too! You need to make sure you have decent access to to the world wide web, after all it is your income right.

Now whilst my goal is to actually make my life simpler, the good thing about this day and age is it only gets easier and easier.

That is because every month there is some new technology, gadget or app out which makes your life easier on the road. I love this because even though I do work, I love to get out and partake on adventures in new places.

Over my time through buying websites and travelling the world I have learnt A LOT! For example, how to spend more time in the water surfing instead of working or how to find the best restaurants in town. Predominately though I have learnt and discovered some very beneficial business tools and tips for buying websites and travelling the world which I would like to share with you for your next adventure.


  1. Be Organized – The more organized you are the more you will have time to do the more important things in your life. Like chilling out in the hot tub peering out over the amazing mountain landscapes at sunset.All jokes aside, your biggest weapon when buying websites and travelling the world is keeping organized. My best advice to keep organized is have a to do list for each week and even each day. That way each day you can wake up and cross off everything you need to get done so you can then go out and enjoy the rest of the day doing whatever it is you please.That is the cool things about buying websites and travelling the world. There are no rules on how you spend your time whether you want to work in the mornings, the evenings, chunk it together over 3 days during the week. Or even spending one week smashing through all your work and the next week purely living the high life.What matters is that you don’t completely let go of everything and forget about it because it will creep up on you. Especially if you aren’t keeping a close eye on things you can be faced with a big long to do list which you may not want to do whilst all your travel buddies are sipping on delicious cocktails at the pool bar without you. This is why prioritizing your time is key.
  2. Finding Good Internet In Quiet Places – Depending on where you are in the world will depend on how great your internet connection is and how busy, noisy and distracting your surroundings are.I had this problem last week where I was scheduled to be featured on the Rhodium Weekend Podcast with my buddy Chris. Although because I was in Cartagena I struggled to find decent internet in a quiet area.This is why I like to always look ahead in advance to see the area I will be staying in to check out how busy it is and what the internet quality is like, especially when I need to attend meetings, podcasts and make important phone calls. I find this issue predominately only in under developed countries, where more developed countries aren’t challenged too greatly with this.
  3. Balancing Work & Adventure
    This is by far the hardest thing to balance because when you are somewhere new in the world all you want to do is go and adventure right. But in saying that, when there is work to be done, well there is work to be done. Here is where your discipline needs to play its part.What I like to do here is to keep on top of everything so that if something comes up and I get invited to go on an adventure with a bunch of new buddies I just met, I can go. The other side to this is that whenever I get some quiet time which is mostly in the evenings and early mornings. I am up on the computer getting things done so I can fulfill my business goals and keeping everything running smooth in order to go out and enjoy my life.My advice too is to not be afraid to take a few days off from sight seeing and adventuring and really just get a big block of work done and out of the way. After all those sights have been their for centuires and aren’t going anywhere, so what is the point in rushing?

    I too find that if I can have 1-3 full days of working, I can then spend the rest of the week having fun and doing whatever I like, whilst spending 10-30mins per day keeping on top of emails and ect. This is of course a guideline and however much you choose to work or not is up to you, where as an actually fact and I think you can tell by now I do like working

    So whilst buying websites and travelling the world seems like the ultimate life, I can truly say it is for me. However not everybody is cut out for it, or should I say not everybody will like this lifestyle and that is perfectly fine. It is difficult to balance the adventure and travel, there are other problems you need to face too and a lot of people won’t be up for that. But for those of you who are looking to become a digital nomad from buying websites and travelling the world this blog is the right place to start.

  4. Have The Right Apps
    Almost everything is easier with apps right. There is an app for almost everything we need in the digital realm and because of these apps buying websites and travelling the world makes life so much simpler.Of the best apps to have as a digital nomad running websites, having employees, calling businesses, customers and ect. Communication really is key, which is why I like to use Slack for communicating with my team and then I also use Skype where I can call businesses or customers when I really need. I find that using Skype is just as cheap and certainly easier than having to buy a sim card in every new country you visit and uploading it with credit.There are many other apps I like, one which is my favorite being me that is an offline GPS and works wonders! If you are travelling anywhere for anything and know you won’t have wifi or internet on your phone this is the best app you could ever have, no doubt. is my favorite for booking accommodation, whilst I have used Agoda though is personally my pick of the two.

    If you are somewhere foreign and you get stuck without knowing the language, pull out your trusty Google Translator App and it will make life a lot easier. I could go on and on about great apps but I think you know that we would be here for days and the above few are the essentials I feel you really need.

  5. Portable Internet Device
    Buying websites and travelling the world does mean you need to be connected, even if you have everything completely automated it is still wise to check up on things.Now since I have found that not every place I go has reliable internet, I like to carry some back up. The back up I use is the TEP wireless internet device which works in almost any country you need (you can check which ones here). You can purchase the device separately and buy credits to use it irregularly or should you wish to use it frequently you can purchase a plan and they will send you the device for free.Before you leave your home town and set off jet setting, TEP will send you the device with all the instructions on how to use it and ect. They have a great service and you can contact them 24/7 if you have any problems, where they offer a good service.
  6. Know Your Time Zones
    If you are like me and travel from continent to continent it helps to know your time zones or at least work out which country you are going to be at and when. This is important when you need to schedule appointments, like when contacting accountants, lawyers, customers, business contacts and even website sellers and brokers.Before I schedule any appointments I always like to work out where I will be and what the internet will be like in that country/destination. What the time zone will be there, what the times zone will be for the person you will be talking to and arranging a time that suits you in your time zone and them in their time zone. Haha, now I know it sounds tricky and the first few times it is, but once you figure it out it only gets easier each time you do it.
  7. Keep It Fun!
    The key ingredient to buying websites and travelling the world is to keep it fun!You don’t want to be that guy/girl who travels the world and doesn’t see anything because you are ‘too busy’ working in your room. Whilst you know I am a massive advocate for hard work, hustle and dedication you need to remember that it is very important to enjoy your life while you are still living it.That means setting aside time for work but just as importantly setting aside time for fun and adventure. Which can be as simple as checking out a new restaurant in the city you are in, going to the beach in the morning and finishing off some work in the evening.

    My favorite thing to do is to work a little during the week and then over weekends take 2-4 days off and completely disconnect. This helps me to recharge my batteries, have an awesome time and then come back to my laptop completely refreshed and productive.

    What travel tips as a digital nomad have you picked up along your journey? Please feel free to comment them below for all of us online entrepreneurs.

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