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7 Signs Of A Succeeding Internet Businesses People FAIL To See

If you are anything like me you want to be investing in only succeeding internet businesses. I mean sure, if you are one of those website investors who is looking for a website to fix up, flip it and make some quick cash that can be a good way to make money also.

But essentially that is not what I am in this game for. I am all about finding successful internet business to buy. Where I can sit back, maybe make a few small adjustments, let the business run itself and put passive income in my pocket each month.

Although to do that, there is an art to finding these succeeding internet businesses. Because there are also many internet businesses out there for sale which are simply lousy businesses, which are too risky for my liking. So in order to find a succeeding internet business there are 7 signs of succeeding internet businesses I like to look for.

  1. Solves a problem
    One of the first things I like to look for is an internet business that solves a problem, which really is what all businesses should be doing. As they say, you don’t want to build a business, you want to solve a problem and all succeeding internet businesses do just that.Fact is though there aren’t to many internet business for sale which are really doing this. So I urge you to be careful because many internet businesses listed for sale are simply duplicate sites copied from another online business and you don’t want to buy one of those.

    Why you might ask? Because if there are many of the same internet businesses doing the exact same thing as each other, you are only buying into an internet business that is riddled with competition. And on top of that, the website isn’t really solving a problem is it, so how does it even set itself apart from the others?

  1. It’s a niche internet business
    Finding an internet business that is filling a gap in the market, or in a niche that has not yet been exploited is quite rare, but the cool thing is they are out there. And if you can find one that is in a niche, you have more than likely found yourself a succeeding internet businesses.You see, owning a niche internet business is ultimately what you want since your competition is limited, that business is an authority in an already tight niched group of people and their products or services are vastly different to what is available anywhere else on the market. Wouldn’t you want to get in on that?
  1. Is engaging with followers, fans and customers
    Whilst this isn’t an imperative to look for when hunting to buy a succeeding Internet business. It is a sign that the internet business is doing really well.When you see an online business that has a good following over many social media channels and is also connecting with many people through those channels. By liking comments, replying back, having people share their posts and tweets, whilst also commenting on their blog posts. You know that is one sign for a succeeding internet business.

    After all, what failing internet business have you seen where people love the content they are putting out and what they are doing? So look for signs like these on each internet business you’re a prospecting.
    succeeding internet businesses 4. Good website design
    Have you ever visited a website on your phone and had to scroll in and out to read the text, look at the images and understand how to navigate the site? It’s quite annoying isn’t it, and on top of that in our day and age where time is of the essence we just don’t have time for those annoying websites.

    Which is why you want to be looking for internet businesses that have a great website. A well designed layout that is clean, crisp, easy to navigate and very user friendly. On top of that having great images, videos and quality content is a must.

    5. Has or is building a list
    Not all start up internet businesses have a list of customers, which makes sense because they are start ups. But if you are buying an established internet business you want to make sure that business has a list of customers and fans. Because realistically when you think about it, that list is the business. Those are the people the business is selling too, connecting with, helping, adding value and marketing too.If an internet business you are looking at investing in hasn’t got a list (customer base), or is not in the process of building one. Then surely it is not one of those succeeding internet businesses.

    6. Includes a Good About and FAQ page
    I have viewed and looked into buying many internet businesses, and what I have noticed about all those quality businesses is. They always have a great ‘About Us’ page and a ‘FAQ’ page. Why do you think all succeeding internet businesses have these on their website?

    Because, as soon as a new viewer comes to their site they question what the website is about. They want to know what the business does, how it operates and why they should even be on the website. So to answer those questions, a good quality About Us page and a FAQ page can give those new potential customers the information they need.

  1. Good customer service
    Great customer service is something that most internet businesses I look at don’t have, which is a great opportunity to me as an investor. But at the same time if they don’t have it, or have failed many customers in the past because of bad customer service the business could be in trouble.Hence why I like to invest in succeeding internet businesses that have good customer service and can be left set up how they are, or built on to make it even better.

Remember with every internet business you are looking at investing in, even if they are a succeeding Internet business and have all of these signs. There is still room for improvement which can build your investment into something bigger and better than what it was when you purchased it.

I hope you were able to find some value in this post as a newbie to investing in internet businesses.

P.S – If you have any other great signs you want to add to this post for succeeding online businesses please be sure to add them in the comment box below for all us online business investors seeking more information on investing in online businesses.


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