9 Ways Buying A Portable Internet Business Will Improve Your Life

9 Ways Buying Portable Internet Businesses Will Improve Your Life

I must admit that when I first started buying portable Internet businesses, I never really understood how many amazing reasons there were to do so and just how greatly my life could rapidly improve.

I initially just wanted to be able to keep travelling the world instead of having to return back to Australia and work. I know, I never really had it that bad in the first place, although I am always trying to improve my life. Which is why I set a goal to simply earn passive income online by buying portable Internet businesses.

Little did I know that by investing in internet businesses there were far more advantages that have drastically changed my life in spectacular ways than I could have imagined.

Which is why I want to share with you just 9 Ways Buying A Portable Internet Business Will Improve Your Life.

  1. Run your business from ANY device
    Owning and running portable internet businesses means you can work, run and manage your business from almost any computer device. And whilst I love that this is a possibility, I never really grasped how amazing this is until my MacBook died when travelling though Vietnam.What turned out to be catastrophic the minute my precious MacBook wouldn’t spring to life. It was actually a liberating feeling knowing that whilst my MacBook was out of action getting operated on in the wonderful world of computer surgery.I could resort to using my iPhone for the entire month to run and manage my businesses. Which overall, caused me to be utterly amazed and truly grateful that through just a smart phone I am able to earn a living. How cool right!
  1. Time
    Probably the most amazing reason for buying a portable internet business which absolutely everybody can benefit from, is having more time. Or should I say time independence, meaning you can work whichever hours you choose.For example if you want to be a stay at home mom or dad, you can choose to work only the hours in which your children are not at home. Or if you have something on during the day you can work a little during the evenings or mornings and keep your time free for those mid day activities.Being flexible with your time is a real perk to buying internet businesses that you can’t truly appreciate until you are in situation to choose when you do or do not want to work and it is an insanely beneficial choice to have in your life.
  2. Travel
    I think you all know by now that travel is my thing, this is the reason I got into investing in online businesses as I mentioned before. But not everybody is like me and wants to travel for 6-10 months or more each year, however maybe you still want to take holidays every now and then. I mean who wouldn’t right?Which is certainly easy when you own a portable Internet business, because even if you need to do a few hours work while you are away all you need is an internet connection and you are in business, literally!I mean sure, maybe having the Internet everywhere in the world is not good for our social aspect in society, but for the perks of being able to pick up a connection and work anywhere in the world is one way that you can really improve your life!
    9 Ways Buying A Portable Internet Business Will Improve Your Life
  1. Ease of buying the businesses
    Unlike buying a bricks and mortar business, when you are to buy a portable internet business you can become the full owner of the business, all it’s content and everything within just a few hours.Unlike traditional businesses where you may have lots of physical things you need to relocate, change names on things and all that fun stuff. That can all be done with a few clicks of the mouse and you can be trading as the new owner of your very own portable Internet business before you know it.I remember the very first website I ever bought. I was stunned at how quickly I became the new owner. Literally within a few hours I had the business linked to all my own accounts where money could just flow into them ever time a customer purchased. A pretty cool thing to be able to set up and achieve in a few hours or more.
  2. Relocating
    Although I am always travelling I don’t particularly have a home, however for many of you who do, buying a portable Internet business certainly provides ease of relocation since everything is online.Unlike the good old days if you had a business set up, it made it hard to move closer to family or relocate to live somewhere you have always wanted to move. But by owning and running an online business, as I mentioned before all you need is a Wi-Fi connection and in some cases maybe just your phone to run your business. So relocating as a portable Internet business owner really is a smooth transition.
  3. Selling the businesses
    Just like when you are to buy a portable internet business, selling your online business allows you with the very benefits . Meaning when or if you decide to sell your Internet business whilst it is doing well to gain a nice chunk of cash to invest in something else.It is extremely easy to transfer the business to the new owner since everything is all online. As I mentioned before this can take as little as up to a few hours even.
  4. Scalability
    Being a portable internet business owner, many of my businesses are so easy to scale. The reason for this is because if I decide to start selling my products or services to a particular location in the world. All I have to do start marketing to that area.However, if I had a physical business and wanted to start selling somewhere different, it would cost a lot more money and time to put a shop on the ground in that new location. Not only that but forking out more cash for physical marketing material, permits, licenses and all that fun stuff which is needed to set up a new store, can get exceedingly expensive.So working with portable Internet businesses provide you with many options on how to scale your online business.
  1. Automate it
    Not only does a portable Internet business allow you great options for scalability online, it also opens you up to many online tools and options to automate your business so it can be totally hands off.As a matter of fact, most of my businesses I automate them within a few months and this is easily done because. (A) the technology is usually always there to support everything I need to do or. (B) I can outsource the work needed to be done, meaning I can higher someone far more qualified and far cheaper than what I would have to pay myself to do the work.Plus, being under qualified personally to do the work , it would take me five times as long and the end product would still not be worthy of what I needed in the first place.
  2. Base your business around your life around
    The all time greatest perk for owning a portable internet business is you can actually base your business around your life. Which is generally the opposite for most people, where they base their life around either their job or their business, and this is a crushing thing to ANY individual, especially if you don’t like your job.As human beings, we shouldn’t have to change or alter the way in which we really want to live to adapt to our job or business. And owning a portable Internet business allows you to do this, to base your business around your life, putting the most important things in your life first. Like your family, your friends, your passions and projects.

So next time you are thinking of doing something better for yourself and really improving your life in more than just these 9 ways above. Consider investing in a portable internet business, it may not be for you, but chances are it will improve your life.

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