BOB Podcast EP 003: Website Due Diligence Stories You Need To Know

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In this episode, Charley and I are sharing a lot of golden nuggets as we are talking about Websites Due Diligence Stories You Need To Know. So if you guys are looking to go away and make money online, invest in anything, we talk about some very powerful stories where we almost lost a whole lot of money, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and some other stories where we’ve become very, very successful as well up into making the seven-figure mark.

As we deep dive down into the rabbit hole, you will hear the best investment I ever made and the best investment Charley ever made. How easy it can be to be blinded during website due diligence. What is the ratio of legit business sellers online from scammers to fudgers and even unconscious sellers? And what is our process of analyzing businesses?

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Episode Highlights:

0:01 – Intro
0:50 – Introduction to Charley Valher
1:42 – Charley shares his story about his journey in buying businesses
2:15 – Billionaire in Training by Brad Sugars
8:56 – Charley’s big lesson in due diligence: how seriously you need to treat it, because of the way how much it is up for interpretation
21:31 – Charley’s sweet spot
26:03 – How much do you think people lie or manipulate when it comes to selling their business?
27:18 – Why do we need to spend so much time doing due diligence?
28:24 – 3 categories: the scammers, people that fudge and the people that are ignorant to the fact
34:17 – What’s the first or the most important couple of things you like to look at with due diligence? Worth in taking further time to invest in doing heavier due diligence
37:40 – Niche, business model and existing knowledge.
47:49 – take away and another juicy story
49:37 – Charley’s least amount of due diligence is actually Outsourcing Angel
54:16 – Closing Remarks and How to Contact Charley

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