buying an internet business risky

Is Buying An Internet Business Risky?

I am sure you didn’t come here for the short answer to, is buying an internet business risky?

So let’s start off by just being totally honest here and asking ourselves a few easy but relatable questions.

Is walking across the road risky? Is eating McDonalds risky? Or is taking a swim at the beach risky? Of course all of these are risky right. By walking across the road your are risking being hit by a bad driver, by eating McDonalds you are risking your health and by swimming at the beach you are risking whatever can sting, bite or drown you.

Obviously everything we do in our lives is somewhat risky right. But, how is the risk in buying an Internet business even remotely related to McDonalds? Or more importantly, on what level is buying an Internet business risky?

And to answer these question, it’s not about how risky something is. It is about how well educated you are in that field.

buying an internet business risky

For example if you studied up on nutrition and looked at the ingredients used to make a big Mac at McDonalds. You would know the risks involved to your health by eating a Big Mac. However if you were to go to McDonalds and decide to mange your risk, you would know from what you learnt in “nutrition school”, that it is far healthier for you to eat a salad from McDonalds instead of going for the Big Mac. And because you are educated in nutrition you know how to minimize your health risks.

This is the exact same when Investing in an Internet business. By educating yourself on how to buy Internet businesses will eliminate the risk.

It is also like the stock market. Many people I am friends with or met would say to me, “isn’t investing in the stock market gambling”. I couldn’t help but laugh. Internally of course to not make the person feel bad.

However I would always tell them, that the more you know about something the less risky it is. And if I were to start investing in the stock market after not picking up one book or attending a seminar, sure I would basically be gambling. But because I spent a lot of time studying the market and learning how it works, in which way and why. Which is how I was able to minimize my risk.

The cool thing about investing in online businesses apposed to the stock market is, I have so much more control over my investment. Which for me whilst also being educated, it leaves investing in online businesses hardly risky at all. I know what businesses do what, the levels of risk they may involve and how to make the safest investment possible for my money.

So to conclude with an answer. Whether or not buying Internet businesses is risky or not? I can safely say, with a little education you can really learn how less risky buying an internet business is than compared to investing in stocks. Even after years of education like I have had myself.

I hope you found this post helpful.

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