How buying internet businesses changed my life

How Buying Internet Businesses Changed My Life

How do I even begin explaining how buying Internet businesses changed my life?

To be honest with you, mostly throughout my life I wasn’t always successful in living the life I really wanted. Sure there were some small wins I had throughout my life but mostly failures on the entrepreneurial front.

I had tried so many things to make passive income from Network Marketing, investing in the stock market, building my own websites, blogging and basically years and years of hustling.

I spend a lot of time working my heart out to try and find a solution where I could travel the world whilst making a decent income. But it wasn’t until I had a light bulb moment though that my life started to align with my goals.

That light bulb moment was, that instead of building myself an income why don’t I just buy one?

How could I of been so thick for so long? The writing was on the wall although I just couldn’t see it. Maybe that was because I was too young to notice it through the amount of partying I was doing. Never the less though, I kept following the road that had lead me to this awesome path where buying Internet businesses changed my life in incredible ways.

Not only did it allow me to quit my job as a supervisor at a plumbing company, but it also opened up a whole new world of opportunities for me.

I was able to spend my time doing the things I loved like surfing, exercising, reading and travelling the world. Instead of waking up in the dark and driving over an hour to work, all to be yelled at by illogical and egotistical builders (oh how I don’t miss that!).

Buying internet business changed my life because instead of coming home after every holiday to slave away and save up more cash to travel to my favourite places in the world. I am now able to travel however I want, to wherever and for however long I want, whilst I am also earning money from my online businesses.

How buying internet businesses changed my life
Do I look happy to be in Hawaii?

There is something else that I love more than anything though, and I had no idea it was even possible until I started buying Internet businesses. And I realize that what I am about to tell you may appear corny, cliché or however you may wish to judgmentally put it.

But one of the most liberating ways that buying Internet businesses has changed my life is. I wake up each morning with a smile on my face and a spring in my step because I have a whole day, week, month and lifetime to live life on my own terms and I am truly grateful for that.

Which leads me to probably the most liberal way buying Internet business has changed my life. By being able to share my knowledge with you guys, being able to teach and show you that not only this kind of life is possible, but also how to make this lifestyle achievable through everything I do here with

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