Is buying valuable internet businesses for under $100 possible?

Is Buying Valuable Internet Businesses Under $100 Possible?

You can’t seriously expect to be buying valuable internet businesses for $100 right?

Please guys, I urge you to not fall into the trap. Use your common sense here. Sure Flippa will have websites for sale for $100 and even less, I see them on there getting sold at around the $50 mark even.

But when would you ever think that by spending $100 or less you would be buying a valuable internet business?

Although I don’t like to invest in businesses under a certain amount to ensure my investments are a success with minimal work required to maintain them.

You can read more about how much you need to start investing in websites here. I do admit though, that you can buy a valuable internet business for under $5000 if that is how you want to get started.

I do believe it is always best to start investing with a small amount first to just get your toes wet so to speak. However by investing in a $100 business, this is certainly not going to provide you with a great return.

Or if you wanted it to, and worked really hard on the business, the return would not come from what you paid for the investment, it would come from all the hard work you invested yourself building the business up.

You see, how much you pay for any investment is all relative. I it like if you are going to buy something from the $1 shop, you can’t expect it to be great, to last forever and be an incredible investment.

Which is the same when investing in websites. The more expensive websites are those valuable internet business that will help you achieve your goals far quicker than those cheap $100 business. Which lets face It, are more hard work than anything.

So if you are looking to invest in a valuable internet business, remember the cheaper it is, usually the least valuable it is too.

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