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The Average ROI When Buying Websites For Passive Income

It sounds pretty cool right, to be buying websites for passive income. Fact is though it is far better than you may even imagine!

It’s true, I first decided I want to start buying websites for passive income because the money I had invested in the stock market just wasn’t performing the way I would have liked it. My ROI (return on investment) was nothing to rave about and that lead me to finding other solutions.

It had to be something that could allow me to invest in and still travel the world. Kind of like investing in the stock market but something far more lucrative. Which is why I started looking at buying websites for passive income.

I had learnt a lot about websites prior to dipping my toe in on the investing end as travel blogging was something I took up and started to earn a side income. But my ROI on that was nearly non-existent too!

Not that I had expected to be making big bucks from travel blogging, although it would have been nice to exit the rat race on. But alas I got a great education and eventually had a big A-Ha moment. Which was to starting buying websites for passive income instead of investing in the stock market and blogging.

That was when I stumbled upon a jaw dropping figure.

That jaw dropping figure was the incredible amount of ROI people were making from buying websites for passive income. I seriously couldn’t believe what I was seeing and had to probe deeper, so I did.

When I first started digging deeper into buying websites for passive income I found the average ROI you could make on a website was anywhere between 30-50% ROI in just one year!

Crazy right.

As a matter of fact the first ever website I brought, without much knowledge or studying (it’s safe to say I was very green), I made a 30% ROI and I knew next to nothing about website investing.

It didn’t take me long to realize that if I could get an average of 30% ROI when buying websites for passive income, this was it. My ticket out of the rat race where I would spend all my time on learning achieve bigger and better results. Which I did, have been doing and am doing still doing to this day.

Now some of you maybe be thinking, well sure they are great results but that is back when you first started. Which is true and I must admit the market is getting busier and busier with so many buyers and sellers coming to the website investing market.

Which in all honesty The ROI has decreased a little as people have clued onto this allowing where the sellers are now selling their websites for more simply because they know investors will buy for them.

However don’t be discouraged just yet, because when investing in websites for profit you can still expect to achieve an average ROI of about 20-40%. Still absolutely amazing right, especially when you compare those results to the stock market and the property market.

In addition to that, if you know what you are doing, have learnt how to conduct due diligence really well and understand what a website is really worth, you can find deals which will have you achieving a far higher ROI than that of the average 20-40%.

The reason the average ROI it is still quite high though, is because not too many people know that buying websites for passive income is even exist. Which is fine with me, because I can keep earning a killer ROI in this industry, although the fact is this type of ROI is only going to decrease the more people do start to learn about investing in websites for passive income.

Because just like I did when I found out that investing in websites provide insane returns. Many more people are going to flock to this market, learn everything they can and endorse themselves enough into this market to start earning big bucks for doing next to nothing.

Some of you too may also be reading through this and not believe a word I am saying and that is fine. I am not here to preach to you about my success or make up some fluff about what the average ROI people are achieving by buying websites for passive income. Though if you are a skeptic (like myself), check it out for yourself by jumping on some website brokerage sites and you will soon see that the proof is in the pudding.

So for those of you who have cash, are investors or just simply want to learn a way to invest and achieve a great ROI, be sure to consider buying websites for passive income. It will change your life in many more ways than you just might imagine.

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