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My Buying Websites Podcast Interview

Podcasts have been around for a while now and are very popular. I am fortunate enough to be apart of a few peoples buying websites podcast and would like to share just one of these podcasts with you today.

I want to share this with you as there is no doubt that from an outsiders perspective, how I make money and live a lifestyle of freedom compared to what I used to do is quite complex to understand. Especially for those who know me (as a plumber) and don’t know how I got to where I am today.

The great thing is though, anyone can do it. You see I am just a regular guy who used to be a plumber, although knew that I could have a better lifestyle if a directed myself towards it. This is just one of those buying websites podcasts I have been featured on which explains my journey for those who are intrigued not just how a plumber can quit his day job and travel the world, But also how buying online businesses actually works and how people just like you can get started.

This buying websites podcast I’d like to share is a podcast from a friend of mine Chris who is also a website investor and online entrepreneur. He runs a great website Centurica, which has a great tool for finding websites for sale. He too offers a great service for those needing help with due diligence when buying their own online business.

On the buying websites podcast I did with him, he interviewed me and we broke down in detail each step I took to transition from a plumber to a fully fledged website investor. Be sure to listen to it to see how you can implement some of the things that I did into your own life if you are interested in investing in websites or bettering your life any other way for that matter.
Buying Websites Podcast
To listen to this podcast and see I was easily able to replace my income within just 8 months from buying websites, click this link here-

Don’t stop there though!

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