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3 Simplest Types Of Online Businesses To Run

Being in the business for years now I have seen, learnt and heard of many different types of online business. However there are a certain few, which I find, are the simplest types of online businesses to run.

Businesses in which I personally like to invest in myself just because they really are the simplest types of online businesses to run. Oh and, how could I forget, because they provide great good profit margins too.

But what are these 3 simplest types of online businesses to run? So you can start hustling yourself to find some of these businesses for sale and change your life from investing in websites, just like I have done for myself.

  1. Affiliate Websites
    The first type of online businesses that are super simple to run are affiliate websites and what affiliate websites are. Is basically a website which lists a whole bunch of products for sale on their website and promotes them via reviews, rating the products, sometimes even advertising or whichever way they choose. Now those products they are promoting and selling are not their products, they don’t even own them! Someone else does.The way in which this works though, is that the owner of the products for sale will give the website owner an affiliate link and every time someone clicks to purchase from that website, they will be redirected to the owner of the products website to buy the product. And for each product sold, the referring website is paid a commission.Pretty cool right, which means you can buy a website with a bunch of affiliate products for sale and not have to lift a finger if you don’t want to. You can just let the commissions keep getting paid into your bank account.How awesome is that!
  2. Drop Shipping Websites
    Now drop shipping websites are my favorite and can require more work than the other 2 types in this post, however you can automate this too should you like.How this type of business runs is the website will list products for sale at a retail price, whether they be fishing rods, basketballs or T-shirts. These products are also not owned by the website owner (like the affiliate websites). Instead though, each time the website sells a product which is another companies product, the website owner will forward that order to the wholesaler, drop shipper or company which holds the products.From there the wholesaler will charge the website owner wholesale for the product where the website owner keeps the difference between charging the customer retail and buying at wholesale. And then wholesaler ships the product out the customer for the website owner.Now please excuse me, but I think that is absolutely phenomenal! When I heard about his opportunity I jumped straight in to investing in websites and couldn’t help but start buying up these types businesses myself. It’s certainly such an amazing way to do business without any risk, that is why I like it so much.
  3. Membership Websites
    Membership websites are probably in my opinion the simplest types of online businesses to run since most of, if not all the work that goes into the business is in building it.How these online businesses work is, the website will sell access to either a product or a service which is something of value to the customer.For example the website may sell access to books like, possibly dog training lessons, musical instrument lessons and some membership websites sell access to a services like accounting software and ect.Now the website can sell access via monthly, sometimes 6 monthly or yearly memberships. Where the customers will pay that membership to gain access to the product or service.And as the website owner, most of the work that needs to be done for the business has been completed when building the website. Which means becoming an owner and running a membership site is in all honesty one of the simplest types of online businesses to run.

I hope you found this post helpful in learning about some of the simplest types of online businesses to run that are available to the market. These are my favorite types of business and I am sure once you start investing and learning more you will start to see why.



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