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4 Successful Steps To Buying A Niche Website

There is no doubt that buying niche websites will determine your level of success as a website investor.

Because as business people we all know that the ‘riches are in the niches’ right. Although what many investors do is forget about this concept and some haven’t even heard of it before (crazy right).

Which means when website investors come to the market, they may not even realize that buying a niche website is where the real success of investing in websites is!

That is why I want to share with you the 4 Successful Steps To Buying A Niche Website that I have learnt from my years as a website investor;

  1. Are the products or services, unique?
    The number one thing that makes a website business niche, is by what types of products or services it sells and how unique they are too the market. Because to be honest there are enough clothes, furniture and weight loss products on the market today. Our world is filled with them, they are over abundant really.So what you want to do when buying niche websites is look for one that has products or services that are different to what we have an abundance of in this world and all over the internet.
  1. How much competition is there?
    The second most important thing to look for when buying niche websites is to gauge how much competition there is out there. It is one thing to have a niche product or services that are different. But it is another thing to be one of the few websites in millions that sells something different (something out of the box).By investing in one of those websites that has niche products or services and aren’t readily available by the masses, you have a huge advantage as the business owner. Where people have no option but to come to you for your products or services because there is no competition.
  2. What is the website doing differently?
    Unless a website is selling innovative products and niche products new to the market like what we were talking about in step number 1. Chances are the products or services are similar to many website business out there.Although what can make a website business with similar products and services quite niche, is by buying a niche website that may deliver in a different way or there is something unique about the service that website provides that no other website has or is doing.If a website is standing out from the crowd, for example offering a product with a unique service or a service as a unique product, this can cause the website business to be quite niche.
  3. How many of these sites are available to buy?
    Usually the defying factor for me, is by ask asking myself the simple question “How many of these websites are there out there for sale on the market place? And if there isn’t many how often do they come to the market to be sold?”I like to ask myself this because it helps put into perspective what type of websites that are available out there on the market today and what is not.Because I usually find that many websites for sale on the market place are simply copycat websites that are built using the same structure as other online business. Which is not something I want at all as an investor, I mean why would I want to buy an investment that is simply competing with all the other websites for sale and the ones in which it was duplicated from in the first place?


So as you can see buying a niche website can be difficult, although if you are a patient investor waiting for the right investment to come along. By following these for steps, you can ensure you are buying a niche website that will greatly increase your chances of gaining a high return on your investment.


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  1. I decided to use tactics i learned on other niches, and although i am still not making money on them, i realized that if u grab horizontal niche, and then extract visitors out of it and redirect them to other niches this can be good way of possibly making money.

    1. Hi Rafeaeldodo, I could see this working ONLY if the niche is extremely relevant. Otherwise this would be a total waste of time because redirecting traffic that is already targeted to one niche over to another is a total waste of targeted traffic. Because the traffic coming to that website is viewing the site for only one reason, which is because of it’s niche.

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