How You Can Start Flipping Websites For Profit

How You Can Start Flipping Websites For Profit

If you haven’t yet heard of buying websites or even flipping websites as a way to make money online, you have landed on the right website.

You see I have been investing in websites for years now and through the online businesses I have bought, I have achieved on average a 75% annual return on my investments. And that is without even having to flip the websites.

Buying and Selling Online Websites vs. Website Flipping

But enough about me and my success. How is it that people like myself are buying websites and then some that are flipping websites for profit? I can’t speak for myself because I am the buy, hold and grow rich slowly guy. I like to buy websites that have great long term potential and hold on to them to pocket the cash, make a living and re-invest it.

Quick Turnaround in Website Flipping

Although there are some people out there who have had great success in flipping websites. Which is basically the same business model as what people are doing when it comes to flipping real estate.

Whereas some people are flipping physical properties and making cash, there are people who are flipping digital property (websites) instead and making a far better return on their investment.

In the market this is called flipping websites, where people are making a great profit out of it by just doing it in their spare time. That is exactly how I got started too, by learning about and buying websites in my spare time until I was able to replace my income from my old job as a plumber and just keep buying and running a few websites that put money in my pocket each month.

Some website investors are not like me at all though, they prefer to go in and pick up a website as cheap as possible. And instead of building it up for the long term profit to keep and hold. They make a few small adjustments to the website, try and increase it’s earnings and sell it on to make a far bigger profit than what they bought it for.

The cool thing about doing this is, you can buy a website and if you really needed to you could flip websites it in the same day! However, whilst this is not the usual and I haven’t yet heard of this happening, it is far more common when flipping websites to buy the existing website, make some changes over a few months and then put it on the market to sell.

How to start flipping websites

But right now what you probably want to know more than anything is. How do you get started flipping websites so you can start reaping the benefits and making some money for yourself online?

Using Flippa for Website Purchases

How I got started, like a lot of other website investors is by looking through the website marketplace Flippa, which is a marketplace where websites are bought and sold, either by auction or a buy it now price. It is kind of like Ebay but for buying and selling websites.

Although whilst this is a great website and an excellent place to get started, there really are many poor, dud and crappy listings (websites listed for sale) on Flippa. Which is why I tend to steer clear and buy from brokers, since brokers list far better websites for sale and your chances of getting scammed are far less.

So to get started buying these websites before you start flipping them you can check out Flippa (where if you know what to look for you can get great deals) or by checking out some website brokers that sell more solid website investments.

Improving Your Purchased Website

Once you have purchased your very first website, hopefully for a bargain. You can then start implementing ways to improve the business. Much like myself when I first started trying to make money online I had no idea how to build blogs or websites until I started using Google as my professor.

I started hunting down ways to get more traffic to my websites, I started working out how to build my SEO, build my social media following and convert the incoming traffic into a higher percentage of sales.

All this knowledge came to me in time where you too can use Google to teach you everything you need to know about building and online business. The Internet is literally swamped with blogs, websites and people at the ready to help you with absolutely everything you can do to improve your website.

There too is the lazy option, and quite often the smart option that I go for a lot of the times now. Where if there is something you don’t know how to do to improve the website, you can hire people to help you and do the work for you which is what we call outsourcing.

Sometimes is can take a few weeks, to a few months to see positive changes in the website business you have bought, and when you see those changes. That is when you can start to value the business when the changes are at their peak and flip the website on to another website investor.

Sure you may have spent a little time and some money investing in the website you had originally bought to flip. But the real reward is when you flip the website for far much more money than you bought it from.

For example I bought a business where I gained a 100% return on my investment back in just 7 months from collecting the money it paid me each month. If I wanted to sell this business at that time and make some quick cash I would of made a 428% return on my investment.

Although as I mentioned before I like to hold on to my investments, which is exactly what I did with this investment and even to this day I earn money from it every single month. And when or if I want to sell this business my return on investment keeps growing the longer I am the owner of this business.

So buying online businesses, building and holding is one way to grow your capital. However flipping websites is another great way where you can make cash and get a return far quicker.

Things to Avoid When Flipping Websites

1) Buying without Inspection

Do not purchase a website without proper inspection. Ensure it doesn’t have any penalties from search engines or legal issues that might impact its value.

2) Over-capitalizing

When improving the website, ensure that you’re not spending too much on the updates. The increase in monetary value should outweigh the cost of your investment.

3) Selling too Soon

Don’t rush to sell the website as soon as you see positive changes. Let the website peak in value before you flip it for maximum profit.

4) Ignoring User Experience

Focussing solely on SEO and neglecting user experience can harm the success of the website. Ensure that the website is user-friendly and provides value to its visitors.

5) Choosing A Niche You’re Not Familiar With

Jumping into an unfamiliar niche can make it difficult to understand the audience and develop effective strategies to increase the value of the website. It’s crucial to at least have a basic understanding of the niche you’re getting into.

6) Unrealistic Expectations

Do not expect to earn huge profits immediately. Website flipping requires time, effort, and patience. Set realistic goals and work progressively to reach them.

Pro Tips for Effective Website Flipping

1) Focus on Profitability

Always look at a website’s monthly income and other revenue metrics to understand if the website is profitable before you make the investment.

2) Prioritize SEO

Improving the Search Engine Optimization of a website can make it more visible to potential buyers and increase traffic. Stay updated on trends in SEO to ensure you are utilizing the best practices.

3) Pay Attention to Web Design

Poorly designed websites can deter potential buyers. Optimal web design should be functional, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing.

4) Consider Hiring Professionals

If you lack specific technical skills, consider hiring professionals for areas like web design, SEO optimization, or content creation. This investment can significantly improve the website and increase its selling price.

5) Don’t Rush the Process

It takes time to flip a website successfully. Ensure you invest adequate time in understanding its intricacies, improving it, and waiting for the right market conditions to sell it.

Remember, website flipping requires patience, risk-taking, a sturdy understanding of the digital market, and the ability to discern profitable websites from non-profitable ones. So, equip yourself with as much knowledge as possible and fearlessly embark on your website-flipping journey.

I hope this blog post was helpful in sharing with you how people are flipping websites for profit and if you would like to learn more about investing in websites, check out my blog. Or if you would like, you can grab yourself a copy of my Free Report On 6 Exclusive Secrets To Buying Websites For Passive Income to continue your education.

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