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So You Want to Buy a Website? Here’s What You Need to Know

Hey there! If you’re thinking about buying an existing website, you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to give you the complete lowdown on website investing, so you can make informed decisions. Sound good? Let’s do this.

Looking to learn how to buy a website? My detailed course covers the ins and outs of buying content websites - from finding a site, through website due diligence and valuation to closing the deal.

What Does It Mean to Buy a Website?

When you buy a website, you’re purchasing an already established site from a seller, usually through a website broker. So the site likely has some existing:

  • Traffic and audience
  • Content
  • Revenue streams
  • Branding and assets

As the buyer, you take over full ownership and responsibility for managing the site and growing it further. Exciting stuff!

Pssst! We Now Have Our Deal Feed!

Have a look at the latest websites for sale in the Deal Feed!

Title Niches Country Profit p/m Revenue p/m Days Multiple Price
$313.5K Per Month eCommerce Site in the Health & Fitness Niche Health & Fitness, Personal Care, Medical US $84,619 $313,505 128 28x $2,369,337
$83.3K Per Month Affiliate Site in the Finance Niche Finance US $79,945 $83,310 163 36x $2,878,022
$132.2K Per Month Digital Product Site in the Business Niche Business, Digital Media, Information US $76,409 $132,183 198 37x $2,827,144
$164.7K Per Month Amazon FBA Site in the Beauty Niche Beauty US $63,557 $163,891 163 38x $2,415,163
$243.4K Per Month Amazon FBA Site in the Beauty Niche Beauty US $56,649 $243,373 93 38x $2,152,681
$137.0K Per Month eCommerce Site in the Home Niche Home US $55,550 $137,000 2 44x $2,444,156
$276.6K Per Month Amazon FBA Site in the Health & Fitness Niche Health & Fitness US $54,148 $276,639 16 46x $2,490,823
$57.5K Per Month Display Advertising Site in the Gaming Niche Gaming US $46,902 $57,483 2 x $0
$74.6K Per Month Display Advertising Site in the Gaming Niche Gaming US $46,096 $74,649 163 26x $1,198,492
$46.7K Per Month Display Advertising Site in the Art Niche Art, Children, News & Education US $46,012 $46,722 149 46x $2,116,551

Top Reasons People Buy Websites

There are some solid motivations for buying instead of starting a brand-new site:

  • Because 90% of all startups fail, so why not buy one that’s passed that failure rate?
  • Immediate revenue & passive income – No need to wait ages to monetize like a new site. Buying brings instant cash flow.
  • Existing audience – Much faster to build on a site with users rather than starting from zero.
  • Turnaround potential – Buy an underperforming site cheaply and improve it.
  • Expand your portfolio – Acquire sites to diversify into new niches.
  • Resell for profit – Fix up and flip sites down the road.

Have a look at these articles to learn more about the benefits of buying websites:

Potential Risks to Watch Out For

While exciting, buying sites isn’t without risks. Be aware of:

See my articles about risks and most important things related to buying websites:

Content Website As The Usual Safe Choice

Of all the site models out there, taking time to deeply understand the content website model is a smart move when preparing to buy a website.

The reason? Content sites are one of the most common and proven successful models for existing websites for sale. Many of the sites you’ll evaluate are built around creating high-quality, optimized content focused on a specific niche.

You’ll need competency in how to:

  • Create compelling, SEO-friendly content
  • Assess existing content quality
  • Identify content gaps and topics to expand into
  • Determine if current content is evergreen or at risk of being outdated
  • Continuously produce quality content over time

The content itself is a primary asset you’re acquiring. You must understand:

  • How the existing content was produced
  • Any content issues or problems
  • The plan and process for creating future content

In summary, since content sites are so prevalent, deep knowledge of how they work will be invaluable for evaluating, operating, and growing any website you look to buy.

How to Prepare for a Smart Site Purchase

To set yourself up for success:

  • Learn valuation techniques – Avoid overpaying with accurate valuations.
  • Vet sites thoroughly – Due diligence is crucial before any purchase. Check out my Due Diligence Framework!
  • Understand site management – Know the skills needed to operate the site.
  • Make a post-acquisition plan – Have systems in place to manage and grow the site.
  • Prepare for traffic and tech issues – Have contingencies ready for any problems.

Check out our helpful tools and free resources:

The Bottom Line

Buying an established website can be extremely lucrative, but has some risks too. With the right prep work and diligence, you can absolutely thrive with buying online businesses!

Let me know if any other questions come up. I’m happy to offer advice on getting started with website acquisitions. It’s an exciting field with tons of potential if you approach it thoughtfully.

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Common Questions (FAQ)

Is it a good idea to buy a website?

Buying a website can be a good idea if you find a quality site at a fair price, do thorough due diligence, and have the skills and resources to manage it properly after purchase. The benefits are getting an established revenue stream and platform to build upon quickly. However, there are risks to evaluate before buying a site.

Can I buy a website to make money?

Yes, you can buy an existing website specifically for the purpose of making money from it. Many people purchase sites as digital assets and passive income streams. However, you need to properly value sites, research growth potential, and have a plan to operate the site profitably after acquiring it.

Can you buy an old website?

Yes, you can buy an older, established website. Some positives are that an older site likely has good domain authority and trust built up. However, you need to scrutinize traffic trends, revenue history, and growth potential, as some older sites have "stale" content and are declining. With the right due diligence and turnaround plan, buying an older website can work out well.

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