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How to Grow Your Online Business

Fancy boosting and spreading your online business’s roots? Let’s explore Digital Marketing – your efforts towards a thriving website in the online business world. As you dive in, you’ll learn why it’s a priceless addition to your business’ operation and how it propels your growth online.

Interested in a more hands-off approach to growing your online business with digital marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

Your search engine optimization, paid ads, social media marketing, cooperating with influencers, that’s all digital marketing! This is not just about selling products online, but about establishing and nurturing a robust digital presence. Or, if you want a more dictionary-like definition, Digital Marketing is an umbrella term for actions taken via digital channels to connect with potential customers, including but not limited to:

Should I Focus on Digital Marketing?

If you have a website, chances are you already do! The question is not whether you should, but how much you should focus on it. And it’s one of those where “it depends” is a valid answer. But, to not leave you on a cliffhanger, usually, the more correctly applied digital marketing efforts you have, the healthier your online business growth. And it isn’t always about the amount of money you put into it, but rather how focused the campaign is. Check those BOB podcast episodes if you want to get the feel of how different types of businesses deal with digital marketing:

Let’s Get Practical: Executing a Digital Marketing Strategy

Step 1: Know Your Goals

Identify what you want to achieve with your digital marketing efforts. It could be increasing brand awareness, boosting sales, increasing traffic, or maybe even more specific goal like raising attendance at a specific event. Understanding and setting your goals right from the onset provides a sense of direction and makes your strategy more clear, even if you don’t know the means yet.

Step 2: Research Your Audience

Knowledge about your target audience will guide you in deciding which digital marketing tactics to employ and where to deploy them. Chances are you already know it. After all, it is something that falls under your business plan. If not, it’s high time to find out. There are numerous ways: try researching competition, running surveys, or even just closely observing social media.

Step 3: Choose Your Platforms

Depending on your audience and goals, different digital platforms will be more suitable for your needs. In simple terms, paid ads are good for quick results, SEO for long-term plans, and social media marketing is somewhere in between. However, choosing platforms where your audience is active is what actually matters here.

Step 4: Create a Plan and Implement It

This is where you should know how to proceed. And to not get lost in it, make a plan! This is again something that sound almost banal, but it’s often overlooked. Outline your strategy based on your resources, timeline, and other specifics of your business. Don’t forget to flexibly manage it and tweak where necessary. Want your implementation to be successful? Check the below guides and podcast episodes:

Step 5: Measure the Results

Now that you’ve implemented your plan, it’s important to constantly monitor and measure the results to see if they meet your set objectives. Use KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) relevant to your goals, and get yourself a good analytics tool. Google Analytics is powerful and free, so it’s a good start.

How Digital Marketing Worked for Us: A Case Study

Let’s put the theory to test with a real-life case. Here’s a golden scenario where a content website successfully propelled their ad revenue by a whopping 373% within 5 months! The journey from $669 to $3,162 was not dumb luck but much due to strategic Digital Marketing. True, this one is primarily about SEO, but the work we did extends your standard SEO strategy. And the results show that it was well worth it!

Taking the Plunge into Digital Marketing

Digital marketing isn’t one-size-fits-all, but there’s a strategy out there for everyone, regardless of size or industry. Leveraging the power of the internet for visibility, growth, and revenue generation is no longer a choice, but a necessity. The journey may seem overwhelming at first, but the right strategies and tools simplify the process, and the rewards far outweigh the efforts.

Can I execute a Digital Marketing strategy by myself?

Absolutely! Many aspects of Digital Marketing are completely accessible to individuals willing to learn and invest time. Of course, as your business grows, you might consider working with professionals or building up a team.

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