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Getting Started with Email Marketing

Hey there! Have you ever wondered about the power of a single marketing email?

When executed correctly, it can do wonders. That’s right, a well-crafted email can turn prospects into customers, and one-time buyers into loyal fans! Interested in getting your email marketing game going? Look no further!

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Email Marketing in a Nutshell

Email marketing is huge – you could write an entire saga of books and still cover a small part of it. But, let’s focus on what really matters to you as a website owner.

At its core, email marketing means reaching your current and potential customers directly through their inbox. It’s about keeping them updated, building a relationship with them, and nudging them gently to take action – such as buying your products, sharing your content, or committing to your cause, whatever it might be.

All you need are email addresses of your target audience. How do you get them? The BOB podcast episode below explains it quite well – go check it out!

The Easy Way To Build A List & Do Email Marketing with Kate Emiley

Ep 169: The Easy Way To Build A List & Do Email Marketing with Kate Emiley

Catch this incredible podcast to know the easiest way to do email marketing and how to create lead magnets with Jaryd Krause and Kate Emiley.

Why Bother with Email Marketing?

To put it simply: it works. Your social media posts have very little chance of being seen among the overwhelming heaps of content, ads can drain your budget fast with decent result (but still not perfect), SEO generates good traffic but takes time to kick in… And with email marketing, it’s between you and your reader, 1-on-1.

If they’ve joined your mailing list, it means they’re interested in what you’ve got to say or sell. This makes email marketing one of the most effective, personal, and targeted forms of communication in the digital marketing landscape. Don’t believe me? Listen to these stories:

Email Marketing FAQ

What is a good open rate for my emails?

Though it can vary based on industry and target audience, most marketing experts consider an open rate of around 15-25% to be solid for most sectors. With a well-targeted group, you can go all the way up to 100%!

How can I increase subscriber engagement?

Subscriber engagement can be boosted by implementing techniques like personalization, segmenting your audience, adding compelling call to actions, and giving your emails a genuine, less robotic feel. Also, people love freebies!

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