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The success of your e-commerce website lies in its ability to be found by potential customers. Our specialised SEO services ensure your products are front and centre when customers are searching.

Boost Your Search Rankings and Sales

Effective e-commerce SEO is more than just stuffing keywords. It's about creating a well-optimised, user-friendly website that grows where it counts – your bottom line.
Optimised pages, secured keywords, or built links are only the means to an end. What truly matters is the impact on your revenue. Our approach ensures every aspect of your SEO is geared toward tangible results, driving qualified traffic and increasing sales.

Advanced Strategies for Maximum Impact

We could go on and on explaining what keyword research is and how we build links. However, what you really need to know is how these strategies translate into your business growth.
The right search strategy can yield great results; our clients' stories confirm this!
Case Study

266% More Unique Users in Four Months with Targeted SEO Strategy

The client, an e-commerce business specialising in professional cleaning power tools, struggled with low traffic and fierce competition from industry giants. Despite having a strong product line, their online presence was minimal, attracting just 3,000 unique users monthly.

To combat this, they decided to undertake a comprehensive approach to revamp their search strategy.

The objectives included:
  • ✅ Successfully migrating to a new CMS (Shopify).
  • ✅ Increasing revenue by at least 30%.
  • ✅ Outranking competition with 50 keywords in the TOP 3 positions.
  • ✅ Driving targeted traffic by enhancing on-site content.

This project was all hands on deck. We started with the migration – we needed to make sure the website didn't lose its authority in the process. In the meantime, we outlined our content strategy: targeting visitors in the middle and at the bottom of the sales funnel.

A few months later, with the main part of the content and link strategy implemented, we saw a stable growth in traffic and, more importantly, conversion rate. We can't share revenue data, but we can say that the client is more than happy with it.

Jaryd Krause

Good SEO Supports Your Sales!

❌ E-commerce SEO is only for search engines.

✅ E-commerce SEO (done right!) puts your customers in the centre by improving their shopping experience and guiding them through the purchase funnel.

❌ PPC is superior to SEO for sales growth.

✅ While PPC drives immediate traffic, SEO lays the foundation for sustainable and long-term growth by building organic visibility and authority that continues to convert.

❌ SEO results take forever to materialise.


✅ While SEO can take time, strategic actions and proper implementation can give you the first measurable results in less than three months.

Our E-Commerce SEO Services

Our e-commerce SEO package was developed around the idea that every action we take should bring you closer to your sales objectives. For that to happen, we prepared three core modules.

We combine our deep knowledge of the e-commerce field with tried-and-tested SEO practices to provide specialised services.


A good e-commerce website starts with a good foundation. We audit and optimise all technical aspects of your website to ensure it runs smoothly and is user-friendly, from URL structure to site speed and mobile responsiveness.

Content Creation and Authority Building

It's safe to say that your content sells the story. We help create engaging and conversion-focused content tailored to your audience's needs.

This includes product descriptions, blog posts, and landing pages optimised for search intent and sales funnel stage.

Auditing and Consultations

We believe that success lies in cooperation – and we want to empower our clients to understand and actively participate in the SEO process.

Our team provides continuous consultation and training sessions to keep you up-to-date with the best practices and industry trends relevant to your business.

Jaryd Krause

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Your e-commerce store deserves to be more than just another website on the internet. It's your digital storefront, and our job is to make it as effective and profitable as possible.

Discover how our specialised e-commerce SEO services can transform your business, bringing you clarity, growth, and sustainable results.

Contact us today to start the journey towards increased visibility and higher sales!

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