BOB Podcast Ep 006: Charley’s Experience Buying A $2.5k per Month Website


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In this exciting episode, Charley shares his experience on an investment where he sealed a deal for a $2.5 thousand per month website.

How to know if a business is for you or not? What are the things he learned in the process of doing his due diligence? What are the highlights he went through in the whole process of buying this business? What everybody else, who’s doing this, should be looking out for as well?

Learn more or get in touch with Charley Valher here:
Learn more about Outsourcing Angel here:
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Episode Highlights:

0:00 – Intro
0:48 – Introduction to Charley Valher and his businesses
2:59 – The power of community network and what is the first initial thought upon buying the business
5:32 – Go through everything properly with good due diligence
11:34 – Minimising risk
16:20 – Shorter investments versus the long term investments & 3 relevant points to consider when buying websites
20:26 – What mindset should you have when buying a business?
27:34 – Processes and systems and people to put in place to help grow your newly-bought website
29:40 – Easy wins, medium wins, and hard wins
33:51 – Interesting things with negotiating
41:13 – Deal-making highlights
42:14 – Closing Remarks and How to Contact Charley

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