BOB Podcast Ep 007: What Makes A Good Website Investor (For Beginners) With Adam Bebe


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In this very special episode, I get to speak with Adam Beebe, Senior Broker of Latona’s Website Brokers where they sell 5, 6, 7 and even up to 8 figure businesses! We talked about what makes a good website investor for beginners.

We also explored the reason that drew Adam to the space of buying and selling websites. How do you become an attractive website buyer and be successful in buying websites? What is the biggest mistake buyers make and what they should have done differently?

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Episode Highlights:

0:00 – Intro
0:50 – Introduction to Adam Beebe and his businesses
4:47 – If you can master sales, you can master life
9:49 – Making sure the information that’s being provided is accurate
13:16 – Viewer access, screen share and bureau only access
18:52 – Pushback between seller and buyer
23:18 – What makes an attractive buyer
31:53 – Top 3 tips for people wanting to start investing in websites
35:16 – Education. Stay in your lane. Staying aware.
39:46 – What would be your top 3 due diligence tips for first timers
43:14 – Closing Remarks and How to contact Adam

Guest Info:

adam beebe

Adam Beebe has been in the brokerage business for 12 years and running, with millions of dollars of successful deals in his portfolio. He’s been with Latona’s as a senior broker since 2007, expertly helping them close 5 to 8 figure deals. He spends his free time traveling the world with family and friends.

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