BOB Podcast Ep 008: How To Grow The Online Business You Just Bought With Kim Barrett


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In this episode, I will be talking with the founder of Your Social Voice, Mr. Kim Barrett, who is a world-renowned marketer, author and digital marketing master who generated over $15 million in revenue. We will discuss How To Grow Your Newly Acquired Online Business to get a higher return on your investment.

We will identify not just the low hanging fruit of the business, but also the jam you can use to push your business to get a higher return. Stay tuned to this episode because we will give you the great marketing tactics and strategies, not just on buying your first online business, or second or third, but also on how to grow it.

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Episode Highlights:

0:00 – Intro
0:57 – Introduction to Kim Barrett and his businesses
1:56 – What drew Kim to get into marketing at such a young age
8:47 – Different types of marketing you would do for different types of online businesses
12:57 – Important things people should know or get at in marketing a business they just bought
15:17 – The low hanging fruit and the time people miss the jam
21:08 – Ways to market an affiliate commission business
24:40 – A very valuable opt-in that it’s a no brainer for people to grab.
30:34 – For someone who knows nothing about marketing but bought a business what would you suggest they do when it comes to growing their business through marketing?
33:03 – What and how much should one spend in percentage on marketing
36:16 – 3 principles in marketing: niche. offer. copy.
41:20 – To get good at marketing, you need to get better at questions.
43:38 – Closing Remarks and How to contact Kim


Guest Info:



Kim Barrett is a marketing strategist, international speaker and trainer, helping businesses grow 6, 7 and even 8 figures.

Kim is the Founder and CEO of Your Social Voice (YSV), an Australian based Digital Marketing Agency established in 2015. YSV helps businesses get heard on Social Media, and most importantly build engagement, generate more leads and more sales.









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