BOB Podcast EP 010: Website Brokers VS Marketplaces

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In this episode, Charley and I talked about a topic that is gaining more popularity nowadays, website brokers versus marketplaces. We discussed why it is better to buy from one versus the other, depending on your journey when it comes to buying websites.

We will also cover, “What are the 2 things you like from Marketplaces that Brokers don’t have?”

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Episode Highlights:

0:00 – Intro
0:44 – Introduction to Charley Valher and his businesses
1:57 – What is one thing that you have sort of picked up on what people have bought a business from a broker or a marketplace, And it’s either turned out really well or hasn’t turned so well
4:14 – Big mistake in thinking that a way that a broker or website broker is a business advisor.
8:13 – 2 people who are key players in selling a business: the seller & the broker.
12:02 – First insight into the broker world: It’s one through having broker relationships.
13:32 – Have a level of due diligence
19:51 – Biggest advantage: Website brokers versus marketplaces
23:50 – Favorite thing about going through a marketplace. And if you are selling, where do you go and how would you go about selling?
32:19 – Know what you want to achieve. Know what type of business you want to buy. Why you want to buy that for the business. Have a certain process of how to do your research and due diligence
36:06 – 43:06 – Closing Remarks and How to contact Charley

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