BOB Podcast EP 011 – How To Flip Websites With Richard Patey

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In this special episode, I will share the stage to a very special man who’s been in the space of making money online for over a decade now, Mr. Richard Patey, from and his podcast, Flippping Websites. Richard has been helping people in flipping websites to scale their businesses from the six figure mark, plus.

And we talk about how you SHOULD NOT just go away and flip websites. Discuss what Richard has learned to do, what not to do about flipping websites and scaling them. We also tackle the research and due diligence you need to do to be able to be successful in your online business. Learn from both of our mistakes and successes as we move forward in our progression to making money online.

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Episode Highlights:

0:00 – Intro
0:56 – Introduction to Richard Patey, his businesses and what has he been up to since they last spoke about buying business space
5:57 – what are some of the best things that Richard learned through doing the kind of relationship in this success
9:20 – Who wants to get a return and really not do the work?
24:42 – Not doing things and knowing your true value and knowing what you’re best at.
27:43 – How long you sort of grow them form, flip a few sites, and why would you pick a year timeframe?
30:42 – Do you have a sweet spot for the price that you go for?
32:31 – Where do you normally find these businesses?
43:55 – What are a couple of things that people should know, before going away and flipping sites? And what are some mistakes that you’ve learned?
49:58 – Follow the right people is probably probably the better approach
51:05 – Closing Remarks and How to contact Richard Patey

Guest Info:

Richard Patey left his job in 2009 to pursue a career in online freelancing, beginning by providing graphic design services in WordPress sites for 2 years. In late 2012, he found his big break in online entrepreneurship by learning SEO and starting his own consultancy/retainer business, succeeding in raising his retainer fee to $5,000 a month in just 3 months.

Richard didn’t stop there, and continued to grow his business career by transitioning to providing funnel-building services and flipping websites. In 2014, his company FunnelEngine is born, which he grew from a service site and sold as an authority site. In 2018, he started hosting the Flipping Websites Podcast, bringing valuable knowledge on building up and selling online assets to achieve financial freedom.

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