BOB Podcast EP 012 – What NOT To Do After Buying Your First Online Business

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In this episode, we have Mr. Charley Valher from Outsourcing Angels, who’s bought many online businesses, runs many online businesses and has a whole lot of knowledge in the online business space.

And in this episode, we talked about what NOT to do AFTER you bought your first online business. And there are so many mistakes that people make and to be able to not self-destruct your business, we dig deeper and talk about:

– How to know if a business is for you or not
– How to not invest with emotions
– Minimising risk and how it’s done
– Why buy websites that cost less than what the cost to build
– How to look at a business to buy and grow it
– What are easy wins, medium wins, and hard wins

Episode Highlights:

0:00 – Intro
1:02 – Introduction to Charley Valher, his businesses and is business
3:31 – Emotional state – the biggest mistake you can make, in the first thing what not to do in buying your first business
9:20 – What we’ve learned through the time span of our first business, to where we are at now and what we’ve learned from our mistakes and learn from what we’ve done
11:52 – 3 list when doing due diligence: low hanging fruit, medium hanging fruit, and really hard hanging fruit
17:17 – Focusing on the strengths of the business and really using that to your advantage
18:47 – How long would you think is a good amount of time to not change things while you learn to run a certain type of business?
23:33 – What are some of the things that would just run off a go away and that may be destructive to the growth of the business?
29:48 – What did you learn that you some people could go away and probably stuff up when they’re going to buy a business?
31:23 – Massive misconception in buying a business
33:59 – Closing Remarks and How to contact Charley

Learn more or get in touch with Charley Valher here:
Learn more about Outsourcing Angel here:
Learn more about The Parenting Co here: /

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