BOB Podcast EP 014 – How Much Starting An Online Business Really Costs


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In this episode, our special guest was Mr. Charley Valher from Outsourcing Angels who have been crushing online businesses for many years.

If you are interested in opening an online business or interested in taking a career online, in today’s podcast, we talk about:

  • First business cost, time, money, and energy
  • What did Charley’s first business cost?
  • How Blogging cost him A LOT of time
  • Our self-bias and how it can be destructive to us as investors
  • How important cross-referencing financials to ensure the website business is solid
  • The power of great questions and speaking to the seller of the business
  • Why it’s essential to no-sell ourselves into an investment, which could set you back significantly


Episode Highlights:

0:00 – Intro
1:02 – Introduction to Charley Valher and his business
2:26 – How and why Charley lost $50,000 on his first business
6:13 – What were some of the things that you learned, or that cost you that weren’t the best sort of return when first starting out?
7:47 – 1. Investing in the wrong mentors, and having a trial and error approach with like courses and trainings and stuff – expensive cycle
9:46 – 2. Your network is your net worth – investing in a network
15:33 – 3. What people under-estimate – how long it can take to work out a business model and what to sell and how to price it
20:51 – How much of an advantage it is to buy a working business model – a must have skill set
25:56 – What you were getting closer to the number.
30:20 – Do you want to set yourself up for success? Or do you want to set yourself up for failure
32:44 – The real cost is not the money. You can always earn more money, but you can earn more time that time cost
40:20 – There’s definitely massive education from all those failures.
41:29 – Closing Remarks and How and where to contact Charley


Learn more or get in touch with Charley Valher here:
Learn more about Outsourcing Angel here:
Learn more about The Parenting Co here: /










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