BOB Podcast EP 017 – Never Speak To The Website Seller Until You Listen To This

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In this episode, our special guest was Mr. Charley Valher from Outsourcing Angels who have been running successful online businesses for many years.

If you are about to venture in website buying and selling a business, in today’s podcast, we talk about:

  • How to come up with a list of questions in acquiring businesses
  • How to be grateful and patient to your client
  • How to absorb everything you can learn from them
  • Why you need to write down every answer
  • Why you need to record the call
  • How to connect and build a relationship with them
  • How to properly ask your questions
  • Closing the deal professionally


Episode Highlights:

0:00 – Intro
1:16 – Introduction to Charley Valher and his business
4:06 – We live in a time where most people are keyboard warriors or touchscreen warriors, but people just don’t speak to people anymore like they used to
7:28 – 3 things to think about: Number 1: Understand the motivation why are they selling the business
10:11 – Number 2: I like to understand what level someone’s at and how well they understand and verify their own business
17:57 – The quality of questions you have determines the quality, the answers that you get are the quality of your life
18:29 – Come to the call really prepared. It makes a huge difference in how the call goes. Have your questions listed out before you speak to them, and have them in a certain order
19:29 – Number 3: What they had planned next, or what they would do to the business next?
22:03 – Best question to ask: How would you grow this business if time and money wasn’t a factor?
26:13 – Experience counts for a lot. Shortcut: Copy Jaryd then tweak with experience
31:06 – Understand: Before you go to call people, have your questions written down. But get ready to write down the answers and record the call. So you if you miss something, you can come back to it
32:44 – Building a really good connection with the seller
35:23 – Always be nice. Always be very grateful for the time that somebody spends with you
38:02 – Closing Remarks and How and where to contact Charley


Learn more or get in touch with Charley Valher here:
Learn more about Outsourcing Angel here:
Learn more about The Parenting Co here: /

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