BOB Podcast EP 021 – Why To Buy Valuable Websites Vs Cheap Websites With Dom Wells

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Are you planning to invest in a website? Currently torn from buying a valuable website or cheap websites? Want some guidelines on how to choose? You’ve come to the right podcast as we have Dom Wells, founder of Human Proof Designs and Onfolio as our very special guest. Dom made millions of dollars online not only for himself but also for his clients. His team buy, operate, and grow websites for their clients. Dom already bought and sold hundreds of sites, so if you are interested in the same thing – this episode will talk about:

  • Dom Well’s favorite website business model to buy and why?
  • What is it tricky to deal with affiliate sites and affiliate marketing?
  • What does someone do when they have been lied to, and how do they prevent it from happening again?
  • What should you look out for in buying websites?
  • How do you detect cookie cutter websites?
  • What are three ways to grow an affiliate business you just bought?
  • What are the two things people do wrong when growing an affiliate website?


Episode Highlights:

00:01 Introduction to Mr. Dom Wells
02:19 Dom’s Favourite Website Business Model to Buy, Run, and Grow– and Why
04:41 Best Strategy for Blog Content / Affiliate Sites
09:05 How to Grow Affiliate Sites
16:26 Red Flags to Look Out For When Buying Sites
35:39 Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Their First Listing
41:31 Ending Remarks

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Free Resources: 

Here are the free resources mentioned in this episode.
Website Evaluator Tool
Due Diligence Framework


Guest Info:



Dom Wells has been in the business of buying, building, and operating for the past seven years. He’s an innate leader and speaker and also owns a 7-figure content site portfolio. Dom also has strong skills in operations and building systems.








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