BOB Podcast EP 022 – How To Negotiate & Structure The Best Deal When Buying Websites

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Finding and acquiring businesses online is never an easy job. That’s why we find the best people to help and teach you everything you need to know in flipping websites. In this episode, we are joined by Alex Champagne from Empire Flipper who will share with us tips on how to have the best deal in buying websites. If you want to get the best deal in buying websites, stay tuned as we are going to discuss: 

  • What business models should new buyers lean towards to?
  • How can you determine if the business is a good fit for you?
  • What to do to have successful calls with sellers?
  • Tips for negotiating a better price
  • How to negotiate and structure the best deal when buying a website?
  • Who are the best sellers to buy from and why?
  • Risks involved in buying different businesses

Episode Highlights:

0:00 – Intro
2:06 – Introduction to Mr. Alex Champagne, with the director of sales from Empire Flippers who are one of the largest website brokers online.
3:06 – How Alex got to start his role and how it works as director of sales.
5:07 – What are the particular business models that you buy sort of lean towards?
7:27 – What type of affiliate businesses are people wanting to buy? Are they as first timers? Are they looking for the these Amazon Associates sites?
12:06 – You’re not only buying a business, a website or an asset, you’re also buying a relationship with the seller.
15:21 – When you are negotiating, especially when you are looking to acquire a site or a business, keep in mind that there’s a human on the other end of these negotiations.
18:05 – Knowing your risk tolerance and being honest with yourself.
24:07 – Brand Registry – you can protect your brand and take down people who are trying to compete with you and Amazon on your specific brand, and you need your own website.
26:55 – Whatever is the model you choose to go to, make sure you know where you’re putting your money.
32:09 – Know the type of business that you want to have.
42:52 – Know the number that makes sense for you and stick to it.
48:23 – The longer listing stays on the market, the least valuable it becomes.
51:14 – Closing Remarks and How and where to contact Alex

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Guest Info:

Coming from Texas, Alex Champagne is a seasoned entrepreneur who loves solving problems. He founded a web design & marketing company,  in which he successfully consulted various companies ranging from startups to billion-dollar oil and gas companies on how they can grow online revenue. Alex is responsible for overseeing all deals done between buyers and sellers at Empire Flippers.

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