EP 027 – [Case Study] How Sam Went From $0 – $3K p/mth Buying His First Website

In this very special episode, we have a case study for you where I speak with Sam and discuss how he bought his first website and took it from earning $0 to earning $3k per month using Facebook marketing and email marketing. 

Sam had been a plumber in Melbourne for eight years when, inspired by the images of people on Instagram traveling and making money, he decided he wanted a lifestyle change. 

That’s when he joined our community, learned what was involved in buying an online business, then took the plunge… 

In this episode, we will talk about the following: 

  • How to avoid the work and frustration of trying to build a brand new site
  • Why a seller would want to sell a business that is making money
  • How to overcome the fear of buying an online business
  • Personal growth and how it improves your business
  • How to work through our programme

Episode Highlights:

0:00 – Episode Overview and Guest Introduction
2:05 – Why did Sam decide to join buying online businesses . Reason why somebody would sell a business that is making money
7:05 – Sam’s biggest fear when he decided to try out buying online businesses.
10:47 – Why trust is essential. Challenges that Sam had to face and deal with in the duration of the program
15:15 – How has the program been able to help Sam in terms of personal development
20:15 – 2 options: Just go and do it, or stay in your comfort zone and not grow at all.
26:59 – The importance of investing time to make your business grow.
32:26 – Commitment is key to success.
37:37 – Research and due diligence – 2 main factors in the preparation that you need to be keen about especially when starting out.
40:17 – Closing remarks and how to join the program

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Guest Info:

When Sam joined our Buying Online Businesses programme he had been a plumber for eight years, and at the age of 26, was struggling with back issues that had him thinking of alternatives to the manual labour of plumbing.

After looking through a lot of options, he decided to join our team and work through the trainings while still working full time.

Just 10 months after joining, and after some deals that got close to completion but weren’t quite right, Sam was able to complete the purchase of his first online business!

Check out our community here – https://go.buyingonlinebusinesses.com/community 

Or for some free resources such as my Due Diligence Framework or my Website Evaluator Tool, visit – https://buyingonlinebusinesses.com/freeresources/

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