EP 029 – Boost Your Monthly Revenue Through Email Marketing With Will Wang

After buying a business, of course, one of your goals would be to increase your monthly revenue. There are various ways you can start earning double your income or more. One productive method is through email marketing—cold or warm. 

But how do you write good copy? 

What are the things you need to know to make this work for your business? 

Fortunately, we have Will Wang of Growth Labz to help us out today. Sit back and tune in as we discuss the following:

  • How should you write your copy?
  • Using cold and warm email marketing to boost your revenue
  • Understanding your audience and their wants
  • How can you set up Facebook ads and make them work?
  • Working with sales funnels

Episode Highlights:

0:00 – Show overview and introducing Will Wang of Growth Labz
3:00 – How did Will start with copywriting and email marketing?
7:09 – Cold emails and copywriting—your copy should be able to “talk” to your audience in their language
10:14 – Empathy and understanding in copywriting
12:03 – Email deliverability and its impact on your open rates
14:15 – Why should you sanitize your email list?
18:30 – Warm emails and two ways to boost your revenue through them—first, by discounting.
22:11 – The second method is by giving clients incentive to spend again
26:11 – Facebook ads and the changes in the algorithm; businesses, especially online, should not rely on just one source of traffic
29:55 – Dropshipping model; questions and things to consider before even buying a business
33:55 – How should you structure your ads? 
37:48 – The importance of social proof in eliminating objections
38:58 – Working with sales funnels and understanding how your audience wants to buy
42:00 – The higher the price point, the more touchpoints you need
43:01 – Wrap up, where to reach Will, and closing remarks.

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Guest Info:

will wang

Will Wang is an author and the director of lead generation agency Growth Labz. He made a $1.8 million dollar deal, $150K in banked sales in less than 30 days, and built a $3 million pipeline. He has also helped a well known financial service business to gain 398 high-quality leads in 60 days.

Get to know more about Will and Growth Labz. You can reach him through email: [email protected]
Link to Will’s Marketing From the Trenches Podcast

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