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EP 031 – Bulletproof SEO for Your Site With Matt Diggity

Upon buying a website, your initial thoughts might be, “How can I grow this website with excellent SEO?” Allow me to answer that question today. I’ll be talking to Matt Diggity about white hat SEO tactics and all the basics of creating SEO friendly content. These bulletproof strategies will fast track your site growth as you learn how to do excellent SEO for your site.

Tune into this episode and learn everything there is to know with the following topics:

  • For first-timers, what are the steps to take for better optimisation of a site?
  • How do you make your site faster?
  • What is the best way to build links?
  • Ways to find keywords that will help you rank higher in Google and other search engines
  • The best way to structure content for SEO
  • Best ways to grow your website with SEO in 2019 – 2020
  • How do you prepare your site for Google Algorithm updates?

Episode Highlights:

0:00 – Introduction and Episode Overview
4:03 – Major key components in getting a website ranked higher in Google
9:24 – Tips to ensure your content is SEO friendly
13:56 – Techniques on writing an engaging introduction for your content
17:10 – The importance of copywriting in SEO
19: 11 – The foundation of SEO
20:06 – Term Frequency – Inverse Document Frequency and why you need to do it
22:56 – Smart approaches to building links
28:39 – Three things that your link profile NEEDS to contain
33:07 – What’s a good way to boost power to a certain page?
35:29 – What about paid links?
38:04 – How to safeguard your site from the shock of Google Algorithm updates
41:42 – Matt’s backstory that led him to SEO
42:47 – Is it necessary to have a coach or a mentor?
45:23 – Wrap up

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Guest Info:

matt diggity

Matt Diggity is a full-blown SEO specialist. He’s the CEO and founder of Diggity Marketing. At Diggity links, Matt pumps out money making sites every week, and he has sold these sites for as much as 5-6 figures. Matt once solved a client’s struggle with a Google Algorithm update and turned their company around from 1k site viewers to a whopping 95k site viewers per month, which is a 9000% increase.

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