EP 032 – [Case Study] Being Part of the Buying Online Businesses Community with Phil

In today’s episode of the Buying Online Businesses podcast, I’ll be speaking to Phil, who is a client of mine. He used to work at a construction job that paid him more or less $2000 per week.

Now Phil began to realize that he spent more time at work than with family. So, he decided to move toward a lifestyle he wanted. From that realization, Phil joined the Buying Online Businesses community and is now earning $12,000 per week. That is exactly why we’ll be talking about how our community contributed to this life-changing experience.

Today is going to be a cool episode. We’ll be deep diving into some topics that some of you might be able to relate to.

In this episode, we will talk about the following: 

  • The fears Phil felt before working with Jaryd
  • The challenges Phil had to face during the process of working with Jaryd
  • How did the Buying Online Businesses community involvement become a life-changing experience?

Episode Highlights:

0:00 – Introduction and Episode Overview
5:05 – How Phil came to know about the Buying Online Businesses community
9:11 – How owning an online business changed Phil’s life
12:26 – The fears Phil felt before deciding to finally work with Jaryd
14:39 – Other challenges that Phil faced during the program
16:42 – How having an accountability and/or growth group has helped Phil
18:47 – Phil’s experience throughout the program
20:49 – How Jaryd’s involvement throughout the process made it easier for Phil
23:29 – Phil gives advice to those who would like to try buying online businesses
26:57 – How much did Phil make in the first week of starting his business?
31:08 – The number of hours Phil spends on his online business per week
34:39 – Summary of Phil’s experience with the Buying Online Businesses community
35:23 – Wrap up

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Guest Info:

phil butler

Before Phil decided to join the Buying Online Businesses community, he was working in construction. Then, his family started to grow and it made him realize how much time he spent at work. From earning $2000 per week, Phil is now earning $12000 per week. Although he still works full time in construction, Phil is planning to buy another online business. He says this is where he hopes to slowly drift away from the 8-to-5 work lifestyle, and into the world of online businesses.

If you wish to experience the same life-changing experience that Phil had, you can visit our community at https://go.buyingonlinebusinesses.com/community.

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