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EP 039 – How To Build & Scale An Amazing Virtual Team With Mads Singers

Companies thrive because of teamwork. The old adage, “No man is an island,” has proven its truth everywhere, and that includes the industry we belong to. Today’s guest believes that no matter how large or small your corporation is, a team is necessary if you wish to grow your business.

Mads Singers is a People Management Coach and is also the owner of Mads Singers Management Consulting. He will be sharing useful information that you can implement for better team management. Along with that, Mads will be answering frequently asked questions and give us some valuable nuggets to learn from.

In this episode:

  • When someone comes to Mads for help in building a team or for team management—what does he look at?
  • What is the difference between coaching and managing?
  • What is micro-managing, and how can one prevent it?
  • What is Mads’ definition of leadership and culture?
  • How do you retain and motivate a team?

Episode Highlights:

0:00 – Introduction and Episode Overview
2:42 – What happens when you learn to build sustainable and great teams?
4:45 – Radical communication and radical support—why are those things essential?
5:46 – No one goes to work to do a bad job.
6:17 – Mads tells us why it’s essential to invest in management—the huge difference it makes for a company.
8:18 – Are there any challenges that arise from too much support and too much communication?
9:02 – Why is it disadvantageous for a manager to have all the answers?
9:19 – What can a manager do to invoke critical decision-making skills in team members?
10:44 – Empower team members by giving them the responsibility to be creative.
11:28 – Why does Mads love working with smaller businesses? What is the difference between large companies and small businesses?
12:49 – Show your team that you believe in them by trusting them and investing in them.
14:06 – The first thing Mads does when he goes into a new business or when he works with his clients.
14:58 – The significance of getting to know your team members on a personal level and figuring out the stuff they love doing.
17:23 – Watching out for people’s personalities helps you keep in touch with reality, especially regarding your business.
19:03 – The four personality types explained by Mads.
20:41 – The processes and steps to be taken in distributing tasks to the team according to personality.
22:30 – People don’t know what they don’t know—what does this mean?
24:24 – DISC Profiling—does Mads recommend using it in hiring people? Or in making decisions?
25:16 – Learning to see how other people’s minds work helps with understanding how other people think.
25:48 – Hares, Owls, Tortoises, and Squirrels(HOTS)—how does this principle help in picking up a person’s profile?
29:42 – Buying a business with VAs—Mads’ learning experience. How did it help Mads in terms of learning skills and growing the business?
30:37 – Jaryd shares his experience with a VA in his first business.
31:57 – How do you prevent micromanaging from happening?
34:37 – Micromanaging does NOT help a team grow.
35:05 – What are some other things that are essential in growing a business other than by producing income?
36:18 – What are the fundamentals of effectiveness, according to Mads?
38:09 – Wrap up and closing remarks

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Guest Info:

mads singers

Mads Singers is a People Management Coach and Owner of Mads Singers Management Consulting. He has been a management coach for more than 6 years now and has worked with large companies like IBM, Xerox, Shell, and Coca-Cola. Mads’ primary goal is to achieve effective people management. He believes that a company’s core strength lies in empowered team players.

To connect with Mads Singers, you can reach him through his websites: Mads Singers Management Consulting and Aristo Sourcing.

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