BOB episode 40

EP 040 – Why & How To Get VA’s To Do Your SEO with John Shea

SEO is such an important part of growing a business, but it can become a bit of a rabbit hole that you could easily lose yourself in.

So what if you could outsource your SEO tasks to a VA?

Today, we’ll be learning exactly how to do that from our guest, John Shea— the owner of No Shame Income. We will be talking about the power of excellent keyword research and the importance of getting high traffic to a site and converting it into revenue.

Tune in for more interesting and valuable information.

In this episode:

  • What are some of John’s favourite insights from when he worked for a marketing agency?
  • How to do keyword research
  • What are some effective backlink building strategies?
  • Where should someone start hiring VAs?
  • How does John create systems for his VAs? What are the systems he uses?

Episode Highlights:

0:00 – Introduction and Episode Overview
2:26 – Brief story on John’s background
6:18 – First things to look at when someone wants to do marketing and/or SEO.
8:18 – The importance of excellent keyword research
9:18 – John recommends keyword research tools they use
10:08 – John shares the process he goes through for keyword research and content writing.
13:38 – What is the 20% rule? Why do you need to focus on it?
15:18 – About backlink building — Is it better to hire people to do it?
18:08 – Discussing the power of hiring VAs and having good systems in place
19:16 – John developed a software tool that helps VAs do their jobs more efficiently.
23:22 – Building a business usually takes time, so don’t get discouraged easily.
25:14 – John shares a few tips on increasing productivity — sharing how this method helped him enjoy lifestyle and business at the same time while achieving his goals.
26:31 – Accountability — Why is it important?
28:12 – Tick one leverage point at a time to avoid being overwhelmed and getting burned out.
28:40 – Jaryd shares the significance of an accountability partner and how it can contribute to productivity and efficiency.
30:45 – Jaryd shares a tool he finds to be effective in eliminating distractions such as social media.
32:22 – Whether it’s buying a website or a new car, it’s important to research if the purchase is going to be worth it.
34:02 – Wrap up

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Guest Info:

john shea

John Shea is the owner of the No Shame Income channel on YouTube, where he shares his expertise in online marketing. John is known for his honest and transparent approach to teaching people how to make money online. He also sells online courses and develops tools that help other people solve problems and work more efficiently.

To contact John, you can visit his YouTube Channel: No Shame Income or his No Shame Income website.

For Jaryd’s free resources, whether it be for evaluating a website, or doing your due diligence, get them by clicking here. Don’t hesitate! Join us and be a part of our Buying Online Businesses community.

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