EP 041 – Buying Digital Property & Growing it with Yaro Starak

The Buying Online Businesses community is a place where people who want to deviate from the usual 9-5 jobs seek help and advice. The weekly podcast gave way to the addressing of common problems that first-time buyers usually encounter. And what better way is there to fulfil the company’s mission than to bring in a highly-esteemed personality in this niche?

Today, we are joined by Yaro Starak, the co-founder of InboxDone and Pure Power LLC. Yaro has the longest-running entrepreneur podcast that has helped people scale their online businesses through blogging. As we discuss the secret to becoming great at buying website businesses, make sure to tune in until the end for tons of useful information.

In this episode:

  • What sites did Yaro buy
  • The price of the sites Yaro bought
  • What did Yaro do to grow his businesses, did he flip or keep them?
  • What got Yaro into buying sites? 
  • At InboxDone, what are some tips to help people avoid spending too much time on emails before they go to Yaro?
  • What are some of the best things one can do to grow their business via a blog?

Episode Highlights:

0:00 – Introduction and Episode Overview
3:34 – Yaro shares the story of how he got into buying sites and blogging.
11:45 – The type of sites that Yaro first bought—using his digital marketing and affiliate marketing skills.
19:02 – Yaro talks about how he negotiated his terms of payment with the owner of the first business he bought.
20:04 – What is the worst thing you can do when you’re a newbie at buying sites?
21:21 – Yaro imparts a crucial lesson for people who wish to start buying sites.
23:00 – Two options to choose from to avoid adding more things to your plate when starting out in buying businesses.
24:20 – Success does not come in an instant. You have to work until you get to a certain point.
25:13 – Yaro tells us about the story of his first years in the market.
31:16 – Yaro’s assets—getting large deals from selling sites.
33:26 – Jaryd’s advice for the listeners: ”Don’t rush it! Do your due diligence.”
34:38 – “If you don’t understand how a site gets an audience and how it generates revenue, you probably shouldn’t be buying it.” – Yaro
37:03 – What’s a “leaky bucket”? Why is it important to save money?
38:01 – For the younger viewers, “You can’t cut corners.”
38:43 – Yaro’s advice regarding the process that eventually leads to making money.
39:15 – There is no such thing as a “get-rich-quick” scheme.
39:25 – According to Yaro, this is the MOST important thing you need to understand about the process that eventually leads to success.
40:48 – You need to experience failures to enjoy success.
43:16 – If you’re in the buying space, understand that it’s just like a cloud. You can’t see the other side of things; you can only see underneath it.
45:47 – What InboxDone does
46:31 – Wrap up

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Guest Info:


Yaro Starak is the co-founder of InboxDone—a company that is set on helping people organize their emails. Yaro has been in the industry for the longest time and has been making money online since 1998. He owns the longest-running entrepreneurial podcast that helps people scale their businesses through blogging.

If you want to know more about Yaro or learn more lessons from him, just go to Yaro’s blog, or connect with him on LinkedIn. Also, don’t miss out on his current business, InboxDone.

For Jaryd’s free resources, whether it be for evaluating a website, or doing your due diligence, get them by clicking here. Also, don’t hesitate in joining us and be a part of our Buying Online Businesses community.

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