EP 042 – Top 5 Things Charley & I Learnt in 2019 About Buying and Building Websites

The best part of every process is learning. Whether it be from something as simple as reading a book to something more complicated like growing businesses—it’s always best when you gain learning from experiences.

Today, I’m bringing in one of my regular guests, Charley Valher, the owner of Valher Media, and co-founder of Outsourcing Angel. Charley is quite experienced in buying, building, and selling online businesses. That’s why we’ll be talking about the top five most important things we’ve learned over the year about buying and building websites.

Now make sure you go and listen to this episode as I’m certain you’re going to learn a lot. Lots of relevant learnings and valuable takeaways you wouldn’t want to miss. Enjoy!

In this episode:

  • Charley’s Top Five Lessons
    • Spending time with people who are doing a similar thing or trying to achieve similar things.
    • The circle of competency according to Warren Buffett.
    • If you want to grow fast, hiring people who know what they’re doing AND have a great attitude really makes a difference.
    • Podcasting—the impact it has given and about being the best backlink strategy.
    • “White Hat”
  • Jaryd’s Top Five Lessons
    • Quality over Quantity
    • It’s better to buy a good business at a fair price rather than a fair business at a good price according to Warren Buffett.
    • Network—your network is your net worth.
    • “The Long Game”
    • Trying to go from being an operator to developing yourself into an investor/CEO.
  • More Golden Nuggets
    • Excellent results are achieved when you go for quality instead of volume.
    • Sometimes the best investments are the ones we don’t make.
    • NOW is the time to think like an investor/CEO because that mindset will help you yield a better life.


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Guest Info:

charley valher

Charley Valher is a business owner and educator. He is the Chief Podcast Officer at Valher Media, where he helps clients improve and grow their show. He is also the co-founder of Outsourcing Angel, a company that assists clients with their growth through the help of virtual employees. Charley is known for his approach to business, creating time and leverage to scale. His expertise includes building systems and processes for companies, virtual assistants and teams, podcasting, and joint ventures, among others.

If you want to connect with Charley, you can reach him through his website: Valher Media. Or you can connect with him through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.


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