EP 043 – How To Prepare For The Future Of SEO With Sam McRoberts

In some of our previous episodes, we’ve talked about the power of SEO in marketing. But it seems as though the world of SEO never runs out of changes, updates, or new discoveries.

Our guest for today, Sam McRoberts—CEO of VUDU Marketing discusses what SEO was like in the earlier days. To be more specific, Sam started working on SEO and digital marketing in the year 1999. And although it’s nice to look back, it’s also better to look forward and prepare for the future of SEO.

In this episode:

  • What made Sam get into the SEO space?
  • How have things evolved with online marketing and SEO since 1999?
  • Sam does audits—where does he start and what things does he look at in his audit?
  • Working on the changes that need to be made in an audit—what are the typical things that need to be worked on?
  • How do you make a site faster?
  • What is the best way to build links?
  • What are some ways people can find keywords that can help them get ranked higher in Google and other sites?
  • Best way to structure a blog post/article/page for SEO?
  • What are some of the best ways to grow a website business with SEO in 2020?
  • How do you prepare your site for a Google Algorithm update?

Episode Highlights:

0:00 – Introduction and Episode Overview
2:18 – Sam’s story about getting into the digital marketing space in 1999
6:45 – Transitioning from digital marketing to SEO
7:17 – The reason Sam got attracted to SEO is because of its being an ultimate puzzle.
8:16 – Google is a continuous, ever-changing puzzle
9:33 – Google wants to help diagnose one’s problems or issues in the shortest possible time.
11:00 – Top two tools that Sam uses for SEO (SEMrush, Screaming Frog)
11:40 – Other SEO tools
13:00 – Auditing—Where Sam starts and the things he does
13:38 – Content, Site speed plus user-friendliness, Keyword integration—three things that are important to look at in auditing
15:42 – Sam gives a quick analogy about buying and building sites
17:35 – Redesigning a site—Sam gives tips about things to keep in mind for better sites
19:42 – “The person in life/business who adds more value wins.”
20:39 – What are the next steps to take after aesthetically redesigning a site?
23:44 – Sam talks about what he does for clients.
25:40 – What SEO strategy terms do they offer? Three months? One year?
26:26 – Long-term strategies versus short-term strategies
28:39 – SEO trends in 2020
29:33 – Businesses built on answering simple questions with very short content is going to be screwed long-term.
30:22 – The mobile experience is becoming bigger.
36:52 – Evergreen business models for SEO
38:07 – Have an evergreen approach in buying businesses.
39:11 – Understanding SEO is important because it will give you a good view of the businesses you buy, including potential destructive features.

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Guest Info:

sam mcroberts

Sam McRoberts is the CEO of VUDU Marketing and is an absolute gun at SEO. He has performed SEO audits for large companies like Amazon, Goodreads, and InVision to Microsoft, HTC, HostGator, and many others. Sam is also the author of Screw The Zoo and was featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc,, QuickSprout, Amex, and the list goes on!

If you want to learn more about Sam and what he does, connect with him through their website: VUDU Marketing. Or reach out to him through Twitter.


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