EP 046 – Why Understanding E.A.T in SEO & Life Is A Game Changer With Stephan Spencer (Part 1)

A business without a website is like launching a rocket without fuel. It’s not going to get off the ground. Every entrepreneur needs to know that before they buy or build an online business, they must understand the importance of SEO for driving traffic to the website. The higher you rank in search engines, the more visitors you earn, and your business becomes visible to potential customers.

Today, Stephan Spencer and I have a chat about the three major legs of SEO and its role in your website. We dive deep into the difference between SEO penalties and updates, and discover practical strategies to grow your audience and your business through SEO.

You will have the tools to understand E.A.T in SEO after listening to this episode. Don’t forget to subscribe, tune in and learn more valuable lessons about buying and building online businesses!

Why Understanding E.A.T in SEO & Life Is A Game Changer

Three Major Legs of an SEO Audit

  • Content Audit
    • It is looking from an SEO or Google perspective.
    • Mainly consists of keyword usage, the tags being used in the page, templates, titles, H1 tags, and alt attributes on images. 
    • It is checking at how the page is rendered.
    • Stephan recommends that if you are looking for research reports and the like, and you find a 404 error, just hit the back button, click on the green arrow, click on cached. There and then, you’ve got the version of the page that Google has still stored in its index.
  • Technical Audit
    • It is about making your website and backend more acceptable to Google bots.
    • Mainly consists of canonical tags, duplicate content, contents of robot.txt, XML sitemaps, etc.
    • If you are doing a big site migration, make sure that you have made a small change to the XML sitemap that contains all the old URLs. Don’t redirect that old file containing all the old URLs.
    • Stephan looks at the technical piece as the foundation of the building. If the foundation is weak, you’re in big trouble.
  • Link Audit
    • It is all about the external link profile – how people are linking to you, not how you’re linking out to them.
    • Stephan suggests looking for toxic links, because you will be targeted. Also, make sure that you’re not getting a lot of toxic links by monitoring at least quarterly using Link Detox from LinkResearchTools.
    • Do clean-up – includes a disavow file, and ideally, an outreach campaign to those owners of those terrible websites and demand that they remove the link.

SEO Penalties vs. Updates

  • Algorithmic Penalty is a misnomer
    • Stephan shares about the SEO BS Detector and SEO Hiring Blueprint – A seven-step process.
    • What to do if you already contact the websites that are linking to you and they won’t stop. If they require payment, NEVER PAY! 
  • Updates are not penalties
    • The penalties can come from the SEO practices or the toxic links that come to you but not on updates.
    • There are hundreds of updates that happen over the course of a year at Google and the vast majority we never hear about.
    • You may learn about Google Hummingbird in The Art of SEO.
    • Google BERT is not really something SEO practitioners and website owners should worry about.

Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness

  • Valuable Content & Remarkable Content
    • You don’t need to have the most valuable piece of content out there on the particular topic, but it has to have something about it that is worthy of remark.
    • Building trust in your website is more important because more trust flow leads to more citation flow, and you would definitely want that.
    • If you have a high trust, high authority, look at the sites that you’re trying to do business with, and make sure that they have high trust and high authority too because Google understands when you have a business relationship with a site.
    • Stephan implies that if you are in the ‘link-inate’, that means you have high trust and high authority. To check your site’s trust level, use Majestic SEO and LinkResearchTools.

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Guest Info:

stephan spencer

Stephan Spencer is passionate when it comes to sharing his wisdom and expertise, and is a three-time Amazon bestselling author, avid blogger, international speaker, and consultant on all things SEO. He founded his own SEO agency and even created a unique pay-for-performance SEO technology. Stephan is also the podcast host of Marketing Speak and Get Yourself Optimized. This legend will definitely blow your mind with all the tips and tricks you need to know when it comes to growing your business through the art of SEO.

To connect with Stephan, visit his Website or through Email, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube channel.


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