EP 047 – Why Understanding E.A.T in SEO & Life Is A Game Changer With Stephan Spencer (Part 2)

The success story of your business starts with the level of trust that you build with your customers.  When your customers like and trust you, they are more likely to buy from you. Often, they will also recommend you to other people. 

Just imagine when that happens – high conversion leading to more sales.

But how do you earn the trust of your audience? How do you keep them engaged? We all need to start somewhere, and by this, you must take your SEO game seriously. There are THREE skills to master in order to win, and they will be uncovered in this episode.

Today, Stephan Spencer and I continue to talk about E.A.T in SEO – what E.A.T is, how to check if a website has E.A.T, and how to use it when creating content and links to grow your business, and not just when buying a business.

You will have the tools to understand E.A.T in SEO after listening to this episode. Don’t forget to subscribe, tune in and learn more valuable lessons about buying and building online businesses!

Why Understanding E.A.T in SEO & Life Is A Game Changer

Adding Value to Your Content

  • What Citation Flow Metric is
    • It is a metric from Majestic SEO that is an approximation of page rank of Google’s original PageRank Algorithm.
  • Give Value First!
    • Stephan emphasizes that if you aren’t thinking like an ad agency creative director with the content pieces that you’re coming up with, you’re missing out and not going to get much traction.
    • You don’t do content just to manipulate or to get something in return. If you play your cards right in terms of it not using manipulative tactics and you’re just trying to add value, you’re going to get value out of it in return.

What E.A.T is and Why It is Substantial

  • E.A.T stands for Expertise, Trustworthiness, and Authoritativeness.
  • Trustworthiness
    • It comes from high-value links, high-trust links that are originating from high-trust pages on high-trust websites.
  • Authoritativeness
    • When you have been cited by other industry sources, regardless if they are high-trust sources, then you are building authority in your niche. This makes your site valuable.
  • Expertise
    • Manifesting that you are an expert in your field is very important.
    • If you are not a pro, then bring on experts in your field, with diplomas or certifications, to contribute to your site.
  • Having E.A.T vs. Not Having E.A.T
    • As Stephan states the difference, he highlights the importance of authentic TESTIMONIALS.

The Business Karma

  • Stephan shares how building trust and authority can take you to such great heights, and this can be manifested by testimonials from people who you added value to.
  • Jaryd sums it all up with a gold nugget: “Just give as long as you’re giving with the right intention. It’s going to come back. It may not be specifically from that person or a link from them, but it will come back.”

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Guest Info:

stephan spencer

Stephan Spencer is passionate when it comes to sharing his wisdom and expertise, and is a three-time Amazon bestselling author, avid blogger, international speaker, and consultant on all things SEO. He founded his own SEO agency and even created a unique pay-for-performance SEO technology. Stephan is also the podcast host of Marketing Speak and Get Yourself Optimized. This legend will definitely blow your mind with all the tips and tricks you need to know when it comes to growing your business through the art of SEO.

To connect with Stephan, visit his Website or through Email, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube channel.


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