EP 050 – Buying Websites Under $50K With Jon Gillham

Buying and selling online businesses can be lucrative, but before you even get to that stage, acquiring a site that will yield profit and knowing where to look for mid-range priced sites that hold a lot of value is something first time buyers need to look into. 

Today, we’ll be speaking with Jon Gillham, Co-Founder of MotionInvest, about buying websites under $50K. We’ll be covering business models for first time site buyers, advice for buying $75K sites, the debate over quality versus quantity, and why he and his Co-Founders created MotionInvest. We’ll also be touching on what MotionInvest does and their process when buying and selling sites on their platform.

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Buying Websites Under $50K With Jon Gillham

How He Started

  • Started out building authority sites
  • It was initially just a side hustle, but it turned into something significant enough to leave his Engineering job.
  • Been buying and selling sites for a decade now.

His Content Strategy

  • They employ a systematic approach to create content that will predictably rank well in Google.
    • Do some keyword research.
    • Build out content within the gap between what the competitor has ranking for and what they haven’t covered.
    • Make use of SEO tools to identify keywords and the best topics for that search word.
  • Create content for that keyword to not just solve the problem but also add massive value and go beyond what people are searching for.

Content: Quality Over Quantity

  • Long-form, valuable, relevant content changes the game and can ‘disrupt an industry’.
  • Seth Godin’s book “Purple Cow” has stood the test of time, because its content is still valuable to this day.
  • Similarly, if people created “purple cow” content and did that just once a year, they could generate more traffic compared to releasing weekly.
  • Less is more when it’s done really, really well.

About MotionInvest

  • Other sites like Empire Flippers are great, but the price range can get up to $100K and can make first time buyers wary.
  • They needed an efficient way to help people who didn’t know where to go to buy lower priced content sites.
  • Created to address the $5K -$75K price range market for content sites.
  • First time investors don’t know what the risks are, let alone understand them.

Advice For First Time Buyers

  • Closing the information gap between the buyer and seller is the key, and to do that, you need to close it yourself, with knowledge.
  • Once you understand more about the business models and how they work, then you can understand how to grow them too.
  • Having that knowledge combined with doing your due diligence can equip a buyer so much more and instill confidence.
  • Seller calls are a massive part of buying sites, and can give you more knowledge on online businesses.

Business Models for First Time Buyers

  • It’s different for each person’s inclination, background, or skill set.
  • Content sites are highly recommended because of their simplicity.
  • The Shopify drop shipping business model will take a lot more effort than content sites.
    • You’ll need to change the marketing campaigns and make sure you keep products up.
    • Takes effort to get the income stream going given the ever-changing algorithms in other marketing platforms.
    • It’s all an income stream with no enterprise value.
  • You can always succeed (or fail) at a business model for a lot cheaper than buying an existing one.
  • The biggest asset is knowledge in digital marketing.

Advice For $75K Range Buyers

  • Understand and do due diligence .
  • Knowing your investment thesis, whether it’s about clean backlinks with content you can improve, or understanding its unique angle based on your skill set.
  • Act fast because low price points mean sites are moving around quickly.


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Guest Info:


Jon Gillham is the Co-Founder of MotionInvest and Founder of Authority Website Income. Jon was an engineer who started out building sites in 2012 and slowly made a few thousand per month, working his way up to making $25K per month. He now buys and sells sites under the $75K range with his Co-Founders at MotionInvest.

To learn more about Jon and what his businesses can do for you, visit MotionInvest and Authority Website Income. They have plenty of resources for you and provide help in buying and growing your first (and succeeding) online businesses.




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  1. In this episode you mention a due diligence report that Jon created and how great it is, but no mention of how to get it.

    Any chance we could get a link to that report?

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