EP 053 – Why Buy Sites and Scale Them With Great Content With Mark Whitman

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Buying sites is one thing, but scaling them is another. Without great content, knowledge in content marketing, and a team that gets the job done right, you’re bound to head south. Good thing we’ve got just the person to help you out.

Today’s episode features Mark Whitman, Founder of Contentellect, where we’ll be discussing the benefits of buying and scaling websites rather than building it, creating content for your site, and more. If you’ve just bought a website and want to learn content marketing from an expert, this is the episode for you.


Topics we’ll be covering:

  1. Buy, or build? Thoughts for first-time online business owners from experience [02:50]
  2. How to prevent yourself from bottlenecking your own business [08:06]
  3. A team that is well-structured & flexible sets you up for success [09:48]
  4. Giving your team end-to-end process responsibilities is beneficial [11:17]
  5. What’s the most popular type of content your clients ask for? [16:51]
  6. You don’t have to run your business alone – hire people! [19:05]
  7. Content Marketing strategies for people buying $50k-$100k sites [21:12]
  8. Is there a standard length for content and the number of links in it? [25:21]
  9. Should you be writing for humans or the SEO algorithm? [28:29]
  10. Mark’s biggest takeaways from his experience buying sites [30:15]
  11. Key strategies to have when you take over a site upon purchase [32:51]

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Guest Info:



Mark Whitman is the Founder of Contentellect. He started Contentellect with a single aim of helping small business owners and affiliate marketers scale their content and generate better financial returns.

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