EP 054 – [Case Study] What Brian Learnt From Buying A $400K SaaS Site

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Before doing anything for the first time, knowing that others have done it and gone through the process is comforting and validating. While this applies to any experience, it’s even more applicable when purchasing your own online business.

Today, we’re chatting with Brian, one of our clients and now a proud owner of his first $400k SaaS site. We talk about what got him into buying his own online business, his learnings upon doing due diligence, and the intricacies of running the site and scaling it. If you’re someone who’s still on the fence about buying an online business, this episode will be an interesting one.


We’ll be covering:

  1. What got him into buying his own business site [02:48]
  2. What his biggest fear was before buying a site and working with Jaryd [05:54]
  3. His experience working with Jaryd & engaging in the site-buying community [07:18]
  4. New things he learned after doing due diligence [09:56]
  5. What sort of business he bought and its intricacies [12:48]
  6. Bargaining for a better price relative to its selling value is important [16:35]
  7. The work that needs to be done to make the site even better [19:22]
  8. The value of being part of the site-buying community [21:30]
  9. Tips for anyone who wants to buy a site and/or work with Jaryd [22:45]

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Brian is a client who bought his first $400k SaaS site after doing the Due Diligence Framework and research. He’s carrying over a lot of experience with scaling and improving sites in the same niche from working in the past for the competitor of the business he just bought. 


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