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EP 056 – How CRO Can Boost Your Website’s Revenue With The Kurt Philip

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If you’ve never heard of CRO, you’re missing out. For online business buyers, knowing how Conversion Rate Optimization works and adding it to their site can make a difference not just in retention but also in revenue. 

Today, we’re sitting down with Kurt Philip, Founder and CEO of Convertica, to talk about his experience working with CRO, low-hanging fruits to look out for when buying sites, and why learning SEO in 2020 might as well be impossible. We also cover how to find strategies that really work and give advice to those looking to buy a site & optimize in CRO. Listen in to learn more! 


We’ll be covering:

  1. How Conversion Rate Optimization started for him & evolved as an industry [03:53]
  2. The big misconception between CRO and SEO [06:20]
  3. The process behind how they apply CRO [10:04]
  4. Why you should design your site for mobile & utilize CRO [12:43]
  5. Application of CRO on sites with different business models [14:59]
  6. Using Shopify, WordPress, or other platforms when building websites [16:31]
  7. Low-hanging fruits to check for when buying & optimizing sites [18:59]
  8. How much traffic should a site have to start seeing a good return? [20:52]
  9. What Kurt has learned about buying sites from experience [25:56]
  10. Why learning SEO in 2020 is impossible [28:43]
  11. Filtering false information and finding what really works [32:00]
  12. Advice for people looking to buy a site & optimize in CRO [36:24]

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Guest Info:

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Kurt Philip is the Founder and CEO of Convertica where they help online businesses make more money from their existing SEO, PPC, or social network visitors. Kurt and his team have worked with over 300 businesses and have run thousands of split tests. He also has strong expertise in affiliate, lead generation, and eCommerce website conversion rate optimization.



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