EP 057 – How To Scale An Ecommerce Store With Kurt Elster

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Lots of people buy eCommerce stores but don’t really know how to grow it to its best potential. That’s why it’s so important to get advice and guidance from the right people before anything else.

Today, we chat with Kurt Elster, Co-Founder of Ethercycle and host of The Unofficial Shopify Podcast. We cover questions like, “What are most Shopify stores doing wrong?” and “Is there such a thing as ‘too much passion’ in running an eCommerce site?”. We also talk about getting traffic according to your niche and the intricacies of content marketing funnels. This is an interesting episode any site owner wouldn’t want to miss!



We’ll be covering:

  1. Why focusing on a niche is better than doing everything [03:17]
  2. What are most Shopify stores doing wrong? [05:39]
  3. Popular platforms for getting traffic based on your brand/product [09:31]
  4. Actionable advice for people without digital marketing experience [11:31]
  5. The intricacies of content marketing funnels with eCommerce sites [16:06], 22:17
  6. Is there such a thing as ‘too much passion’ in running an eCommerce site? [24:14]
  7. Suggestions for someone who’s bought a Shopify store but have no marketing experience [30:06]


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Guest Info:

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Kurt Elster is the Co-Founder of Ethercycle. One of the most highly regarded independent consultants in his industry, Kurt is a Senior Ecommerce Consultant who helps Shopify merchants (like Jay Leno’s Garage) uncover hidden profits in their websites. With one million downloads, he is best known for hosting The Unofficial Shopify Podcast.


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