EP 058 – Why You Should Use Stories To Grow Your Businesses With Mark Jones

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Storytelling is more than just sharing information – it’s connecting with whoever watches or reads your content. In a business setting, stories can help growth and build trust with your audience.

In this episode, Mark Jones gives a glimpse of his expertise in storytelling, sharing how it has worked for his brand and the well-known companies he’s worked with, giving insights and ideas for creating content that speaks to your audience, and what you can do to apply storytelling for your own brand.



Episode Highlights:

  1. The road to an AMI award and the story behind it [02:53]
  2. Where is the best place for first-time buyers to start with content? [06:10]
  3. Stories help people understand the value you’re sharing [10:32]
  4. His book and the importance of storytelling in content and business [11:13]
  5. If you’re hesitant to tell your own story, share someone else’s [14:33]
  6. Content ideas & thought processes for storytelling [18:00]
  7. Tips for beginners in storytelling & ideas for content [21:03]
  8. Combine great storytelling with strategy [26:15]
  9. Where & how to get started when you want to rebrand a business [29:11]
  10. Your brand is a story [34:30]


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Guest Info:

Mark Jones



Mark Jones is the Chief Storyteller and CEO at Filtered Media, an integrated marketing communications agency in Sydney. A Master Storyteller and Brand Strategist, Mark has more than 20 years’ experience in professional storytelling as a journalist, editor, publisher and speaker, working with iconic brands including Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Google, Telstra, Adobe, KitchenAid, Fairfax and IDG.

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