EP 059 – What Offline Business Can Teach Us About Buying Online Businesses With Jonathan Jay

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Offline businesses aren’t too different from those online. Brick & mortar business owners and buyers have much to share in terms of strategies and learnings, and each could learn from the other in more ways than one.

Today’s amazing guest is Jonathan Jay, CEO of The Dealmaker’s Academy and creator of the Business Buying Strategies podcast. With years of experience, he shares his insights on handling, selling, and funding offline businesses, and how to negotiate deals that benefit both buyer and seller. 

This episode is an exciting one to tune into and will definitely help anyone looking or planning to get into offline and online businesses.



Episode Highlights:

  1. How many offline businesses also have an online aspect to their brand? [03:01]
  2. Offline businesses can automate their operations with an online platform [06:24]
  3. It’s hard to sell a business without clear financials & consolidation [11:13]
  4. Different ways of doing due diligence for brick & mortar businesses [16:30]
  5. The strategy of “Mystery Shopping” for a profile of the business you’re buying [19:57]
  6. Funding structures being used to purchase offline businesses [21:42]
  7. Different ways to structure deal payments [27:30]
  8. Build a good relationship with your seller before, during, and after the sale [31:43]
  9. The art of negotiation [33:31]


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Guest Info:

Guest Image_Jonathan Jay



Jonathan Jay is The CEO of The Dealmaker’s Academy. He is an acquisitions and business strategist with 30 years of business experience and multi-million-pound exits. Jonathan also helps successful business owners grow their company by buying other businesses and through his podcast, ‘Business Buying Strategies’, the world-leader on the subject of how to buy a business.

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