EP 061 – Buying & Scaling Ecommerce Website Businesses with Mike Jackness

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So you’ve purchased an eCommerce website. You’re excited, but not really sure how to proceed. If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, I sat down with Mike Jackness, Co-Founder of EcomCrew, to talk about his journey as a long-term site buyer, his learnings, tips on using emails to build trust with an audience, and much more. 

We’re all about providing value and this is a great episode to invest your time in.


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Episode Highlights:

  1. Mike’s Journey Into Buying Sites [02:40]
  2. There’s no such thing as a perfect business [08:02]
  3. Learnings from his first business & doing due diligence [10:41]
  4. The next steps after buying your first website (finding low-hanging fruits) [16:03]
  5. You create your own luck [18:55]
  6. The value of putting in the work & learning more about your product/business [20:48]
  7. Email Marketing as a tool to growing your business [25:30]
  8. Emails of value help build a better relationship with your audience [29:42]
  9. Measures to make content & user experience on your site customer-friendly [33:01]
  10. Insights on selling (or not selling) through Amazon [38:16]
  11. Be present and visible on platforms where your customers spend time in [41:04]


Guest Info:



Mike Jackness is the Co-Founder of EcomCrew, a place where store owners can get help with growing their eCommerce business. He’s been involved in online marketing for 10 years and even ran one of the largest poker affiliate companies in the world back in the early 2000s. After selling that company in 2014, Mike started multiple other eCommerce brands with total revenues of over $7M annually. 



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