EP 066 – Growing Websites Businesses With The Content Marketing King Miles Beckler

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Churning out volumes of content without any thought is not the best strategy for reaching your consumer. What you need to do is to put yourself in their shoes.

Today, online marketing influencer Miles Beckler shares his experiences on business and content. We discuss the differences between buying websites and investing in real estate or stock market, creating content people want, repurposing them, and more.

Great content can help you scale your website business. Learn how by tuning to this episode.


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Episode Highlights:

  1. Buying a site versus starting one (and investing in real estate) [02:24]
  2. Miles’ journey with creating a content marketing process [09:38]
  3. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes (and help solve their problems) [12:51]
  4. The difference between Sales & Marketing: position yourself for higher growth [18:01]
  5. Feedback is needed for growth and innovation [21:38]
  6. Identifying content to create, repurpose, and refine [22:47] 
  7. Building a YouTube channel involves learning curves [26:00]
  8. You don’t need fancy gear to make great content [34:52]
  9. Create content in a direction that works with a search engine platform [38:33] 
  10. Syndicating content & leveraging credibility [40:13]
  11. Let’s talk about Pinterest [42:04]
  12. You don’t have to be (or do) everything to be successful [44:07]
  13. A successful business is a reflection of a holistic life [45:07]
  14. Strive for fulfillment rather than success [50:08]
  15. Give more value to reap more [52:28]


Guest Info:



Miles Beckler is an online marketing influencer, speaker, podcaster, and content marketing genius, growing his YouTube channel from zero to 100,000 subscribers with consistency. He also has multiple website businesses, and his site gets tens of millions of views.

  • You can find out more about Miles on his YouTube channel.



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2 thoughts on “EP 066 – Growing Websites Businesses With The Content Marketing King Miles Beckler”

  1. Hey guys,
    I usually don’t comment or leave feedback but hey, that was a pretty awesome episode and you really gave me a push to work harder on my projects.
    Feedback about the episode, you covered almost everything, I would love to hear more details about Miles first website buy. Any advice for someone who wants to buy his first website as an investment(especially with small capital)?
    Also, do you have any thoughts about buying YouTube channels?
    Cheers, and Thank you for all the info!

    1. Hey Vic,Thanks for the comment and feedback!

      Yea if you are starting out I suggest spending no less than $10K on a website business as anything under you are buying a start up and usually they aren’t very valuable. As for YouTube channels I haven’t bought them before nor do I know anyone who has though I know some due diligence you would want to do is going through their YT analytics and also their content, engagement in comments and how easy would it be for you to continue producing the same content that the seller is.

      I hope that helps, Jaryd

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